Touch-free Verge Matching Soap & Faucets

Create washroom harmony with the new line of Verge coordinating soap dispenser and faucet sets. Never again sacrifice style with mismatched soap and faucets.

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Wave 3D Urinal Screen

The unique two-sided design allows the screen to eliminate 99% of splash back on both sides. The Wave 3D makes it easy, simply place it over the drain in the urinal and you’re done.

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SLOAN Side Mount Automatic Flusher

The battery-powered EBV-500-A Sloan Valve Automatic Flush Unit brings convenient, automatic flushing to toilets and urinals.

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OneShot Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

The OneShot System sets the standard for quality and reliability in counter-mounted soap dispensing. Luxurious formulas encourage healthy hand washing, and patented Smart Sensor technology detects hands, automatically delivering the perfect amount of soap — every time!

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Slant7 Urinal Screen

The Slant7 was designed with uniquely slanted fingers which provide the best splash prevention available, prevents installation errors, and keeps floors and shoes clean!

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Enjoy efficient and dependable electronic roll towel dispensing in a compact size with Tear–N–Dry Essence.

Simple to install. just mount, load paper and you are ready to go.

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Eco Bowl Clip

Clips discretely under the toilet seat, so the Eco Clip puts fragrance where you need it most, at the source.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace for their employees.

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Curve Air Freshener

The Curve Air Freshener is compact and effective air freshener that is passive so there are no batteries required.

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Eco Air 2.0

The Eco Air is a passive air freshening system that delivers a powerful, consistent freshness for 30 days

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