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Piexo Nanotechnology Air Freshener Dispensing System

Piexo Nanotechnology

Air Freshener Dispensing System

A greener alternative to traditional aerosol and gel air fresheners. It’s a new type of nanotechnology air freshener dispensing system that works with unique Air Fresh and Air Clean refills that uses no propellant gas and no metal cans.

AIR CLEAN designed for hospitals, hotel guest rooms, and airports.
AIR FRESH serving restrooms, lobbies, and HVAC systems.


A piezo disk generates a voltage when deformed by force. Piezoelectricity dates back to its 18th Century discovery by Pierre Curie. Since, it’s found use in a number of applications –most notably in the development of Sonar technology during World War I.


  • Made and Filled in USA
  • Proprietary Formulation Air Fresh/Air Clean
  • No Metal Can
  • Lower, No Added VOC
  • No Propellant Gas
  • Lowers Operating Cost
  • Reduces Landfill Waste
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • 6,000 Sprays




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ourfreshe Plug-in Air Freshener Dispenser

Plug into a Better Air Care Experience

The professional 30-day plug-in air freshener for larger spaces

Provides up to 2x more fragrance than metered aerosol. Plus, it offers a much more consistent fragrance release from Day 1 to Day 30.

Dry Fragrance Inserts

Liquid free, dry fragrance inserts release the right amount of light, appealing fragrance, reducing fragrance overload, and eliminating floor residue.

Premium Look

The sleek, upscale design makes for a great appearance in any location.


30-Day air-freshening for larger spaces
Dry fragrance refills contain 3-5 times more fragrance than grocery store purchased plug-ins and freshens more space.

Easy to use
The rotating plug works in any 3-prong outlet. The intensity button allows you to select the right setting, and there are no screws or tape needed to install.

Improves air quality
The high-speed fan draws air through the charcoal filter, helping to clean the air for a better experience.

Refills are 100% recyclable, contain a biodegradable additive, and there are no batteries required.

High-quality fragrance solutions
We offer a range of fragrances to complement every type of space.

Versatile & expandable
Use one dispenser for spaces 250- 500 sq. ft. Add additional units to freshen larger areas.




Cucumber Melon • Coconut Vanilla • Cotton Blossom • Spiced Apple • Spa Minerals • Summer Sunshine • Morning Lavender


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FALL is in the AIR!

FALL is in the AIR!

Fall is in full swing. The leaves are changing and the temperatures are dropping. It is the perfect time to bring some of Air Delights’ incredible fall scents into your home or workplace.

Delicious Apple

Air Delights’ Delicious Apple fragrance is quickly becoming one of our most popular fruity fragrances.

Delicious Apple provides a crisp, apple fragrance that many users love and know. Red and green apples are enhanced by crisp, fruity notes to create a fragrance so good that you will want to bite into it.


The holidays are welcomed in to your home or office space with Air Delights’ Cinnamon air freshener.

Cinnamon is one of the most popular fragrances that Air Delights offers — especially during fall and winter — comprising a blend of cinnamon and spicy notes that are enhanced with curls of clove and allspice.

Apple Cinnamon

Air Delights’ Apple Cinnamon is a fragrance that will bring the holidays in to your home year-round.

The scent is composed of a warm, mouthwatering fragrance of spicy cinnamon and red apples that are intensified by notes of clove and allspice — like apple cider around the holidays.

Vanilla Bean

Bring in one of the most popular fragrances among home owners and commercial building occupants alike. This is no less true with Air Delights’ Vanilla Bean air freshener.

Vanilla beans blend together with coconut for a warm, inviting fragrance that users know and love.

Or choose any of our fragrances below in Standard Aerosol, Micro 9000 or Micro 3000


Standard Aerosol Refills


Micro 9000 Refills


Micro 3000 Refills


Air Freshener Dispensers

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Select the Right Commercial Air Freshener

How to Select the Right Commercial Air Freshener for Your Space

There are many factors to consider when selecting an air freshener for your space including, size of the room or space, air flow, level of odor to neutralize or cover, fragrance sensitivities, etc. There are two main types of air fresheners, active and passive; below you will see each of these types of air fresheners broken down to help you select the right option for you.

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For fragrance sensitivities, we offer fragrance free air freshener refills for our Pump and TCell dispensers which neutralize odor without fragrance.

Active Air Fresheners

Active air freshener dispensers use mechanical or gas propellant to deliver scent. There are several different types of active air fresheners.


Aerosol air fresheners use a propellant and fragrance, packed under pressure in a sealed container. When the valve is opened, fragrance is forced through the spray nozzle creating a mist containing the fragrance. The fragrance mist will stay in the air for about 12 minutes and will circulate with air flow. Works well in areas such as restrooms with poor air flow, but equally well in larger, open areas with good air flow. Aerosol dispensers are not ideal for tiny, single restrooms as mist could fall onto the occupant, if not given the space to disperse.

  • Microburst 9000 – Unlike standard aerosol air fresheners, the Microburst air freshener features much more fine particles which keeps the fragrance in the air longer and provides better coverage with air flow. Micro9000 refills contain 9000 sprays for longer time between refills and better cost efficiency.
  • Microburst 3000 – The Microburst 3000, like the Microburst 9000 features very fine particles for longer lasting fragrance and better coverage. Micro3000 refills contain 3000 sprays, which is the only difference between the 9000 and 3000.
  • AutoMist – This programmable dispenser can be used for standard aerosol refills or for the Micro3000 or 9000, making it the most flexible dispenser we offer.
  • AutoFresh – The Autofresh dispenser is a programmable air freshener dispenser for standard aerosol refills. There is also an Economy version which sprays every 15 minutes.

Non-Aerosol Pump

Pump air fresheners do not use a propellant to disperse the fragrance and the liquid is not contained under pressure. Because of this, the mist released tends to have larger droplets, which are heavier and can fall much quicker than an aerosol. Pump air fresheners tend to see less coverage than an aerosol for this reason and would be best used in an area with good air flow, this will help keep the scent suspended longer. Pump dispensers are not ideal for tiny, single restrooms as the droplets may fall onto the occupant, if there is not adequate space to disperse.

  • AutoFresh Select Pump – The AutoFresh Select Dispenser is a programmable non-aerosol pump dispenser
  • Espirit IV Auto Pump – The Espirit IV dispenser is a programmable non-aerosol pump dispenser with day/night sensing capability

Passive Air Fresheners

Passive dispensers do not require batteries, fans or propellants, and use natural air flow to deliver fragrance. Air Delights offers several variations of passive air fresheners.


The TCell is a passive air freshener that utilized a unique fluid deliver system to deliver a precise dose of fragrance and odor neutralizer without the use of a propellant. The TCell uses a solution release fuel cell which works by mixing hydrogen with the fragrance solution and then releases tiny molecules of the hydrogen and fragrance mixture. The TCell works continuously releasing fragrance for 60 days. The TCell works best in a room with good air flow as well in small spaces. However, if air flow is an issue TCell does have a fan dispenser which can help circulate the air flow to better spread the scent.

  • TCell – The TCell dispenser is a aesthetically pleasing dispenser for TCell refills, there is also a dispenser option with a fan
  • TCell 2.0 – The TCell 2.0 is a sleek, inconspicuous, spill resistant dispenser with several color options


Solid air fresheners are, as the name implies, a solid material (typically rubber or silicone) which has been infused with fragrance oils, which means there is no messy gels or liquids. The molecules of fragrance dispensed from solid air fresheners tend to be lighter than those of aerosol and spray fresheners, which allows them to stay in the air longer, however solid air fresheners do not have any propellants and rely heavily on air flow and tend to not have the same coverage as active air fresheners. Solid air fresheners work best in small spaces or areas with good air flow. If Air Flow is a problem there are fan dispensers that can be used to help circulate the air for better spread of fragrance.

  • Easy Fresh – Easy Fresh is a unique dispenser where the cover is actually the air freshener. The dispenser utilizes a fan to disperse the fragrance
  • Eco-Air – The Eco-Air is a solid air freshener that delivers consistent freshens for 30 days. 100% recyclable!


Air Fresheners provide odor control while enhancing your space with a clean fresh fragrance. Air Delights is an innovative air freshener and odor control manufacturer since 1991. We strive to create the most pleasing fragrances for our air neutralizers. Our metered air fresheners use the highest quality essential oils to create the most pleasing scents that will transform any space with an odor control problem. Combined with one of our programmable automatic air freshener dispensers you can dispense metered air neutralizer on a timed basis for even more control.
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Microburst 9000 Aerosol Dispenser

Microburst® 9000 Aerosol Dispenser

The Most Economical and Best Performing Odor Control System

The Microburst 9000 Aerosol Dispenser uses state-of-the-art Smart Chip technology to maximize odor control effectiveness, reduced cost-in-use, and provide visual and audio indicators to minimize labor cost.

  • Hi-tech dispenser creates a “We Care” image.
  • Real time clock for maximum programming flexibility.
  • Up to 180 days between refill changes.
  • Liquid Crystal Display provides visual of battery life and days remaining to change refill.
  • One dispenser controls up to 6,000 cu. ft. of space.

Customized Dispensing

  • Adjustable Spray Interval
    • “ME” = Normal situations (sprays every 14 minutes).
    • “HI” = Problem areas (sprays every 7 minutes).
  • Days of Operation
    • Allows you to operate 12 or 24 hours-a-day.
    • Can operate 5, 6, or 7 days per week.
    • You select the number of days to operate.
  • Longest–Lasting Refills

Factory set to 24 hours-a-day operation on “Medium” setting
(Refills last 90 days.)

Audio Indicator

One beep is emitted for low batteries while two beeps indicate an empty refill. Can be deactivated.

Long Battery Life

Monthly battery replacements are a thing of the past. Smart Chip technology extends battery life up to 3 years on 2 D-Cell alkaline batteries…a big cost saving feature!

Keyless Lock

Prevents refill theft without a key.

Available in White and Chrome


Choose your fragrances below


Air Delights Microburst 9000 automatic air fresheners and air neutralizer are the most effective, long-term air freshener dispensing system with revolutionary odor neutralizing and fragrancing technology. The Microburst 9000 air freshener system delivers maximum odor control for a full 90 days from one Microburst 9000 air freshener refill. Optional programming extends air freshener refill life to 180 days while providing exceptional odor control.
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