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Wave 3D Urinal Screen

Wave 3D Urinal Screen

Freshens for 30 days

Releases billions of optimized bacteria at more than twice the fragrance as competing urinal screens. Works over 30 days to keep the urinal and restroom smelling fresh.

Installs correctly every time

Unique design eliminates installation errors. Installs both ways without sacrificing splash reducing performance.

Reduces splash and cleaning time

Long posts on both sides, plus a unique hexagon lattice eliminate urine splash, cutting cleaning time.

Dual Sided Splash Control

The unique two-sided design allows the screen to eliminate 99% of splash back on both sides. This prevents incorrect installation which can result in a mess around the urinal. The Wave 3D makes it easy, simply place it over the drain in the urinal and you’re done.

Replacement Reminders

The Wave 3D comes with reminder tabs along the top and bottom edges of the screen. Simply pull off the week tab and the month tab that corresponds to 30 days from installation. Now it’s easy to remember when to change out the screen.

Patented Performance

The Wave 3D lasts the full advertised 30 days and then some. Only Fresh Products has a patented fragrance load that gives it 3X more fragrance than the closest competitor.

Beneficial Bacteria

The Wave 3D contain billions of beneficial bacteria that consumes odors, so it doesn’t just mask them. These amazing bacteria also help keep drains clean, clear, and smelling fresh.

Key Benefits

  • Freshens the Urinal and the restroom for 30 days – The patented Wave contains more than twice the actives as lookalike screens.
  • Unique hexagon post & lattice technology eliminates 99% of urine splash, saving custodial cleaning time.
  • 2-Sided design ensures correct installation… every time!
  • Reminds you when to change it – Simply pull off the date tabs to remind you when to change it.
  • Saves money because it is stronger longer – Twice as long as lookalikes
  • Eliminates odors – Releases billions of optimized bacteria that consume mal-odors in the urinal.
  • Complies with VOC requirements in all 50 states, North America and Europe. 100% recyclable.
  • Recommended by the #1 Manufacturer of Waterless Urinals – Falcon Waterfree Technologies.


Fragrances (Sold in 10 packs)


Wave 3D Video


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Slant7 Urinal Screen

Slant7 Urinal Screen

A Better Angle on splash prevention

Reduces Splash better than any other available on the market! 99% Splash prevention. The Slant7 has the highest fragrance load of any other 30-day screen with consistent fragrance release from day 1 to day 30.

Patented double-sided slant design

The Slant7 was designed with uniquely slanted fingers which provide the best splash prevention available, prevents installation errors, and keeps floors and shoes clean!

Fragrances (Individually wrapped & sold in 10 packs)


Slant7  Screen Video

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Tidal Wave Urinal Screen

Tidal Wave Urinal Screen

The Tidal Wave is a high end 60 day urinal screen. Containing 3 times the fragrance of it’s closest competition, the Tidal Wave will keep any restroom fresh. The Tidal Wave contains beneficial bacteria, an elevated design, date tabs along the sides.

Dual Sided Splash Control

The dual sided design stops splash back no matter which side is up. This prevents incorrect installation which can result in a mess around the urinal. The Tidal Wave also comes with reminder tabs. Simply pull off the week tab and the month tab that corresponds to 30 days from installation.

Beneficial Bacteria

The Tidal Wave doesn’t just mask odors, it eliminates them. It contains billions of beneficial bacteria that consumes odors and helps keep drains clean and clear.


Fragrances (Individually wrapped & sold in 6 packs)


Tidal Wave Urinal Screens Video


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Professional Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer


Professional Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer

This professional cordless electrostatic sprayer offers the user hours of spraying time without the hassle of dragging a cord. In addition, it is designed to save time and labor, spray less liquid, and cover more surfaces. Victory handheld sprayers’ patented technology provides an electrical charge to solutions, allowing them to wrap conductive surfaces with effective and even coverage. Double-charged particles envelope all conductive surfaces – shadowed, vertical and underneath.

Dispenses any water soluble chemical


  • Electrostatic handheld spray tank allows the user to spray for hours without the hassle of dragging a cord
  • Tank capacity: 33.8 oz.
  • Comes in green/black/white and made of assorted materials
  • Optimum spray distance: 2-3′
  • 16.8V lithium-ion battery allows you to run between 20-80 tanks on a single charge; charge time: 90 minutes
  • Weighs only 5.9 lbs. with a full tank
  • Flow rate: 40µ/3.1 oz. per minute; 80µ/3.8 oz. per minute; 110µ /10.5 oz. per minute
  • Three-in-one nozzle lets you set the spray particle size to match your application
  • Nozzle spray sizes: 40µ full cone, 80µ full cone, 110µ 120-degree fan
  • Patented electrostatic charge penetrates chemical providing a thin even spray pattern on all surfaces
  • Cordless convenience allows for effortless movement from room to room
  • 33.8 oz. HDPE refillable tank allows you to coat up to 2800 sq. ft. on 40µ setting
  • Box includes: professional cordless electrostatic handheld sprayer, professional 16.8V 3400mAh lithium-ion battery, professional 16.8V battery charger, nozzle wrench, three-in-one nozzle (40/80/110µ), heavy-duty water-resistant carry case, handheld 33.8 oz. tank with cap
  • 1-year manufacturer limited warranty


Using the Victory Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer


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Problems with “Pet Smells?”

Bio Conqueror 105 May Be Your Solution!

Bio Conqueror 105 is a safe and bio degradable bioactive concentrate that seeps deep into the smelliest spaces to remove odors where they linger, making it perfect for businesses with pet customers such as Doggie Day Cares, Kennels and Boarders, Vet Clinics, and Groomers. Bio Conqueror 105 liquid is a bioactive concentrate that eliminates the actual source of the odor. High fragrance, surfactants, and bacterial concentrations work quickly to clean and consume the source of the malodor.

Concentrated Formula

A concentrated water soluble deodorant liquid cleaner with a huge bioactive content: twice that of leading competitors. It’s recommended that if you’re going to use it to clean pet bedding or toys that you dilute Bio Conqueror 105 before applying it to the item.

Versatile Applications

Bio-Conqueror 105 specially formulated to consume urine, waste, food, grease, detergent residues, drains, pet messes & dander. The clear formulation can be used safely on a variety of surfaces to clean and deodorize.


Readily biodegradable, 50-state VOC compliant, water soluble, non-acid, noncaustic, non-flammable, water-based formulation. Bio Conqueror 105 won’t harm the environment or your human or pet customers!


Available in 6 Fragrances!

Use Bio Conqueror 105 in Many Areas to Clean and Freshen at the Source!

Remove Cat Urine Smell & Clean in & Around Litter Boxes
Clean Pet Stains & Messes from Floors and Upholstery
Use with Water in a Mop Bucket for a Clean & Fresh Floor
Rid Drain Odor, Use for Drain Cleaning & Maintaining
Use Directly on Urine to Clean Away the Mess and Odor

Bio Conqueror 105 Works Great for These Other Applications as Well!

What Are People Saying About Bio Conqueror 105?

5 out of 5 Stars at


“My dog would come home from day care with a distinct “doggy day care smell,” that was so bad I had to use perfumed spray on him to mask the smell, but once our day care started using Bio Conqueror 105, my dog comes home smelling much better!” – Lisa B. – Dog Owner


For More Information or to Place an Order for Bio Conqueror 105:

Contact us at 1-800-440-5556 or Visit

You can also send purchase orders to us directly via email at

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