Touch-free Verge Matching Soap & Faucets

Touch-free Verge Matching Soap & Faucets

Create washroom harmony with the new line of Verge coordinating soap dispenser and faucet sets. Never again sacrifice style with mismatched soap and faucets. Designed to complement the sophisticated Verge handwashing basins, the new soap and faucet pairs work beautifully with any basin to provide the finishing touch-free touch to your commercial restroom designs.

Advanced sensor technology eliminates false activations and optimizes power consumption, longer spouts create increased handwashing space and brass cast spout construction delivers durability with stylish and environmentally friendly PVD finishes.

Touch-Free Verge Soap Dispensers

  • The industry-leading breadth of top-fill options with high capacity tanks that require fewer refills
  • Feature a smart sense system with LED light indicators that let maintenance staff know when soap and battery levels are low
  • Audible and visual alerts aid the refill process to prevent overfilling and spillage
  • Additional vent tube in the shank prevents air blockage allowing for an easier refill
  • Utilize universal bulk soap in foam and liquid options
  • Hidden sensors, nozzles and anti-rotation gasket prevent vandalism
  • Sensing optimized to eliminate false activations and maximize battery life

Touch-Free Verge Faucets

  • Feature patented dual sensor technology to provide the most accurate activation while optimizing battery life
  • Touch-free 0.35 gpm (1.3 L-Min) or 0.5 gpm (1.9 L-Min) options for water savings and multiple run times can be selected to fit your application
  • Auto flush feature flushes out the waterline every 24-hours: manual valve override feature for longer flushing requirements useful in applications such as healthcare
  • Solid brass construction delivers years of durable and reliable service
  • Hidden sensors, nozzles and aerators prevent vandalism while enhancing the sleek modern styling
  • Longer spouts give hands more space for a better handwashing experience
  • AC power with optional battery back up

Verge Soap & Faucet Series

Verge Soap & Faucet Finishes

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Smarter water management made simple

Smarter water management made simple

Introducing the new, improved Optima® line — a plumber-friendly powerhouse that reduces the time to install, service and maintain faucets by 50% or more. Sync it with our new smartphone app and you’ve found yourself a simpler way to manage water.

Sloan Optima Faucets
Sloan Optima® Faucets
So many faucet designs to choose from
Sloan Optima Control Box
Sloan Optima® Control Box
One box with every option
Sloan Connect® App
Simply connect to adjust and monitor


So many faucet designs to choose from.

Sloan’s revamped our Optima® Faucet line to standardize components, saving time on labor, saving money on replacement parts, and speeding up service time. All Optima faucets now come with standard mounting hardware, an integrated sensor cable, and quick-connect flex hose.


Standardized for fast installation.

At first glance you’ll see that new technology means fewer cords and fewer hoses. The Optima® Control Box eliminates extraneous mounting plates and hardware with the use of built in mounting slots to make installation quick and easy.

Power options to fit your project.

The same control unit can be powered by batteries, plug adapter, or an optional turbine. As the faucet flows, this turbine supplements battery power and makes powering your faucets even more energy efficient. It can extend the life of regular alkaline batteries by up to 10 years.

  • Power the unit by battery
  • 6 VDC or 24 VAC power supply
  • Optional turbine

Designed for easier installation.

The newly patented dual inlet filter fitting contains a built-in water filter and allows for hot and cold water mixing. Up to 6 faucets can be connected to a single power source. Installation has never been easier.


One app to adjust and monitor.

And speaking of simple, did we mention faucet settings can be adjusted without getting under the sink? With the Optima® Control Box, you can connect all of your below deck components with your mobile device. Wireless connection puts faucet controls and data literally at your fingertips and keeps you off your knees.

Sloan Connect App

  • Adjust settings wirelessly (no deck disassembly or below-deck work)
  • Select On-Demand or Metered activation
  • Set faucet timeouts
  • Activate Line Flush to clear supply lines or drains
  • Measure and report water usage
  • Check battery strength
  • Identify your faucet and access technical data
  • Generate and share diagnostic reports with Sloan
  • Save notes about site or faucet

Download FREE for iOS and Android

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SLOAN AER-DEC Soap. Rinse. Dry.

Soap. Rinse. Dry.

All three steps without taking any.

Step up to the future of sustainable restroom design—
the AER-DEC Integrated Sink.


The AER-DEC can use LED technology to light the space in a way that matches your design. At the touch of a remote, change the color to match your brand, the season or your local team as they prepare for the big game.

Straight, beveled, and rounded edge options.

With AER-DEC, the design is in the detail. Elevate your restroom experience and customize your sink edges with more options now than ever. Pair your edge option with an optional bag hook, available in light gray or dark gray colors.

Updated option for easier maintenance.

The AER-DEC’s standard stainless enclosure has been upgraded to a hold-open design. Maintenance is easier than ever with the new design. The hold-open doors are magnetized for easy access and stay open when you need. The angled enclosure keeps your restroom sleek in design and functionality.

Available in stainless or laminated finishes.

Depart from the standard and choose a vertical enclosure with your AER-DEC. The vertical enclosure comes in stainless hold-open or laminated cabinet style doors. Choose from over 150+ laminate options for additional design freedom.

AER-DEC Integrated Sink in Action

AER-DEC Specifications


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SLOAN Perfectly Paired


Perfectly paired with our most popular faucet models

Experience double vision. Make your restroom design vision a reality, with seven new soap dispensers that match our most popular faucets perfectly.

Sloan’s new line of sensor-activated soap dispensers is designed to pair perfectly with the Sloan faucets you already love for their style, performance and durability. It’s never been easier to create the ideal on-deck experience you need for your unique design vision.


All Sloan soap dispensers are engineered for GOJO refills designed exclusively for Sloan. They are available in 1500ml or 2300ml green-certified foam refills.



Make sure your specifications are followed exactly by ordering one of our matching soap dispenser/faucet combo packages. Each soap dispenser includes two soap refills for even greater value! You can also add a soap dispenser to match your new or existing Sloan faucet.

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