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NILodor is a Leader in Odor Control Products

NILodor a Leader

in Odor Control & Cleaning Products

a HOSPECO brand

As a leader in odor control products, industries have relied upon Air Delights and Nilodor’s expertise for solving odor problems. Our unique approach combines distinctive chemical formulations for effectively controlling odors with powerful cleaning products for professional cleaning technicians. View our full product catalog or call our experts today for your particular odor control and cleaning needs. Air Delights Nilodor makes you shine with highly effective maintenance solutions for restrooms, common areas, general areas, lobbies, carpet, dumpsters and kitchen areas. See the professional edge Air Delights and Nilodor provides for you, your business, and the facilities you are responsible to maintain.

Restroom Essentials
Carpet Care

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Nilodor Concentrate, the original, non-toxic odor neutralizer was introduced to the American Market in 1955. Since then, it has become famous for its immediate and long-term effectiveness in malodor control.

As a leader in odor control products, industries have relied upon Nilodor’s expertise for solving malodor problems. Nilodor’s unique approach combines distinctive chemical formulations for effectively controlling odors with powerful cleaning products for professional cleaning technicians.



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Piexo Nanotechnology Air Freshener

Piexo Air Freshener

Piexo offers a greener alternative to traditional aerosol and gel air fresheners.

It’s a new type of nanotechnology air freshener dispensing system that works with unique Air Fresh and Air Clean refills. This programmable unit features: LCD w/Real time clock, 5 or 7 day On/Off selection, 1-60minute spray interval setting, customized Start & Stop time, Spray counter, Empty can reminder (6,000 sprays), Low battery monitor and operation indicator. With push button design for easy programming. Operates on four AA-cell Alkaline batteries. One unit recommended for a room area of 6000 cubic feet. See what this is all about and make sure to check out our VIDEO below.


The Benefits

No Metal Cans

Piexo tries to make everything out of plastic: light, strong, and clean. It’s easy to recycle and better for the environment.

No Added VOCs

Piexo technology allows the use of safer chemical formulations. You breathe better air. The impact on your health, the environment, and the impact on our planet is a positive one. Small change adds up fast.

No Propellant Gas

Gas can weigh a ton. That’s why we decided to give you more product content for the money. No propellants also helps our manufacturing process with less equipment to power.



Full plastic construction footprint reducing the landfill waste of conventional metal can aerosol refills.

AIR CLEAN designed for hospitals, hotel guest rooms, and airports.

AIR FRESH serving restrooms, lobbies, and HVAC systems.


Features & Benefits

  • Made and Filled in USA
  • Proprietary Formulation Air Fresh/Air Clean
  • No Metal Can
  • Lower, No Added VOC
  • No Propellant Gas
  • Lowers Operating Cost
  • Reduces Landfill Waste
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • 6,000 Sprays




See the Piexo Air Freshener Dispenser in Action!



A piezo disk generates a voltage when deformed by force. Piezoelectricity dates back to its 18th Century discovery by Pierre Curie. Since, it’s found use in a number of applications –most notably in the development of Sonar technology during World War I.

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Microburst Duet Dispenser – Dual Fragrance Odor Control

Microburst® Duet Dispenser

Dual Fragrance Odor Control

Microburst® Duet, a dual-fragrance odor control system, alternates between two complementary scents.

  • Easy, flexible programming.
  • Stylish, streamlined designs.
  • Proactive display notfies users when to change the refill and battery.

2 fragrances are better than 1

Microburst Advantage

Innovative, LCD Technology
Proactive Days-To-Refill Display, Visual Battery Gauge, and Optional Audio Tone (Low Battery & Refill)

Easy, Flexible Programming
Maximum Cost Control, Program to Your Needs

World-Class Reliability
Microtrans®, a True Odor Neutralizer, Longest Battery Life, and Industry-leading 10-Year Warranty

Patented, Steel Refill Actuator
Pharmaceutical-grade steel valve distributes the industry’s finest mist for longer lasting performance patrons will notice!

Preferred Fragrances
RCP offers a variety of clean, fresh fragrances representing consumer-preferred fragrance zones, thereby increasing satisfaction with individual patrons. We conveniently offer our top fragrances as individual products or in convenient “Preference Packs,” which are a great solution for customers to test and determine the right fragrance for their facility.

Superior Design
These stylish, streamlined designs promote a positive image and further enhance any environment. Multiple dispensing options are available to match any décor.

Spa Collection
This new and exciting collection of fragrances is designed to rejuvenate mind and body while neutralizing odors in any environment. These scents are specially infused with therapeutic ingredients and essential oils proven to have a positive impact on mood. Each blended fragrance offers complex, multi-dimensional scents proven to disperse evenly and stay noticeable longer.

Flexible Programming

You decide which fragrance will spray and when. Alternates fragrances:

  • Hour to Hour
  • AM / PM
  • Day to Day
  • Can to Can



Metered Air Care Systems

81% of washroom patrons feel a fresh-smelling washroom is a sign of a well-maintained washroom. Because even the cleanest washrooms are susceptible to unavoidable odors, discreet and effective air freshening systems are essential.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ Air Care Systems combine the industry’s most reliable dispensing technology with fragrances designed to meet the diverse needs of the away-from-home washroom, effectively eliminating odors and leaving the washroom with a clean, fresh fragrance.


Microburst Duet Refills

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Microburst 300 Dispenser with LumeCel

Microburst 3000 Dispenser with LumeCel™ Technology


The Microburst® 3000, powered by the revolutionary LumeCel™ rechargeable energy system, offers flexible programming and powerful odor control.

  • The gobally patented, revolutionary, green energy system is guaranteed to run automatically for at least 15 years.
  • LumeCel’s renewable energy cell is made from Nickel Metal Hydride, storing excess energy, which provides power at nearly 100% efficiency.
  • Alkaline battery free, eliminating the need to store, use and dispose of traditional batteries.

Simple By Nature. Simple By Design.

LumeCel™ captures energy from regular indoor lighting
Like a solar panel capturing energy from the sun, LumeCel captures energy from any indoor light source.

LumeCel™ is Smart
LumeCel’s rechargeable energy cells are made from fully recyclable nickel metal hydride technology. Super efficient, they store energy from light, providing internal electrical power at nearly 100% efficiency. Easy to use, ready for use, right out of the box.

LumeCel™ is Clean
LumeCel’s revolutionary green energy system is the cleanest, best choice for the environment. It’s 100% recyclable and eliminates the need to manufacture, use and dispose of alkaline batteries. This equals no continual landfill or toxic alkaline battery disposal fees, minimal environmental impact and a higher LEED certification.

Zero Batteries
The Microburst 3000 is powered by the LumeCel™ rechargeable energy system, eliminating the need for alkaline batteries. It’s completely self-powered by indoor lighting (both artificial & natural light) and guaranteed to run for at least 15 years.

Lower Maintenance Costs
Each Microburst 3000 air care dispenser is self-powered and works right out of the box. The need to purchase, store, replace, and dispose of batteries – is eliminated. It’s also virtually maintenance free, reducing the potential of workplace mishaps or accidents.

Low Disposal Impact
LumeCel’s rechargeable energy cell and solar panels help to create a positive environmental impact by being 100% recyclable, which greatly reduces landfill fees and toxic alkaline battery disposal fees.

Microburst 3000 Refills

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Select the Right Commercial Air Freshener

How to Select the Right Commercial Air Freshener for Your Space

There are many factors to consider when selecting an air freshener for your space including, size of the room or space, air flow, level of odor to neutralize or cover, fragrance sensitivities, etc. There are two main types of air fresheners, active and passive; below you will see each of these types of air fresheners broken down to help you select the right option for you.

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For fragrance sensitivities, we offer fragrance free air freshener refills for our Pump and TCell dispensers which neutralize odor without fragrance.

Active Air Fresheners

Active air freshener dispensers use mechanical or gas propellant to deliver scent. There are several different types of active air fresheners.


Aerosol air fresheners use a propellant and fragrance, packed under pressure in a sealed container. When the valve is opened, fragrance is forced through the spray nozzle creating a mist containing the fragrance. The fragrance mist will stay in the air for about 12 minutes and will circulate with air flow. Works well in areas such as restrooms with poor air flow, but equally well in larger, open areas with good air flow. Aerosol dispensers are not ideal for tiny, single restrooms as mist could fall onto the occupant, if not given the space to disperse.

  • Microburst 9000 – Unlike standard aerosol air fresheners, the Microburst air freshener features much more fine particles which keeps the fragrance in the air longer and provides better coverage with air flow. Micro9000 refills contain 9000 sprays for longer time between refills and better cost efficiency.
  • Microburst 3000 – The Microburst 3000, like the Microburst 9000 features very fine particles for longer lasting fragrance and better coverage. Micro3000 refills contain 3000 sprays, which is the only difference between the 9000 and 3000.
  • AutoMist – This programmable dispenser can be used for standard aerosol refills or for the Micro3000 or 9000, making it the most flexible dispenser we offer.
  • AutoFresh – The Autofresh dispenser is a programmable air freshener dispenser for standard aerosol refills. There is also an Economy version which sprays every 15 minutes.

Non-Aerosol Pump

Pump air fresheners do not use a propellant to disperse the fragrance and the liquid is not contained under pressure. Because of this, the mist released tends to have larger droplets, which are heavier and can fall much quicker than an aerosol. Pump air fresheners tend to see less coverage than an aerosol for this reason and would be best used in an area with good air flow, this will help keep the scent suspended longer. Pump dispensers are not ideal for tiny, single restrooms as the droplets may fall onto the occupant, if there is not adequate space to disperse.

  • AutoFresh Select Pump – The AutoFresh Select Dispenser is a programmable non-aerosol pump dispenser
  • Espirit IV Auto Pump – The Espirit IV dispenser is a programmable non-aerosol pump dispenser with day/night sensing capability

Passive Air Fresheners

Passive dispensers do not require batteries, fans or propellants, and use natural air flow to deliver fragrance. Air Delights offers several variations of passive air fresheners.


The TCell is a passive air freshener that utilized a unique fluid deliver system to deliver a precise dose of fragrance and odor neutralizer without the use of a propellant. The TCell uses a solution release fuel cell which works by mixing hydrogen with the fragrance solution and then releases tiny molecules of the hydrogen and fragrance mixture. The TCell works continuously releasing fragrance for 60 days. The TCell works best in a room with good air flow as well in small spaces. However, if air flow is an issue TCell does have a fan dispenser which can help circulate the air flow to better spread the scent.

  • TCell – The TCell dispenser is a aesthetically pleasing dispenser for TCell refills, there is also a dispenser option with a fan
  • TCell 2.0 – The TCell 2.0 is a sleek, inconspicuous, spill resistant dispenser with several color options


Solid air fresheners are, as the name implies, a solid material (typically rubber or silicone) which has been infused with fragrance oils, which means there is no messy gels or liquids. The molecules of fragrance dispensed from solid air fresheners tend to be lighter than those of aerosol and spray fresheners, which allows them to stay in the air longer, however solid air fresheners do not have any propellants and rely heavily on air flow and tend to not have the same coverage as active air fresheners. Solid air fresheners work best in small spaces or areas with good air flow. If Air Flow is a problem there are fan dispensers that can be used to help circulate the air for better spread of fragrance.

  • Easy Fresh – Easy Fresh is a unique dispenser where the cover is actually the air freshener. The dispenser utilizes a fan to disperse the fragrance
  • Eco-Air – The Eco-Air is a solid air freshener that delivers consistent freshens for 30 days. 100% recyclable!


Air Fresheners provide odor control while enhancing your space with a clean fresh fragrance. Air Delights is an innovative air freshener and odor control manufacturer since 1991. We strive to create the most pleasing fragrances for our air neutralizers. Our metered air fresheners use the highest quality essential oils to create the most pleasing scents that will transform any space with an odor control problem. Combined with one of our programmable automatic air freshener dispensers you can dispense metered air neutralizer on a timed basis for even more control.
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FALL is in the AIR!

FALL is in the AIR!

Fall is in full swing. The leaves are changing and the temperatures are dropping. It is the perfect time to bring some of Air Delights’ incredible fall scents into your home or workplace.


Delicious Apple

Air Delights’ Delicious Apple fragrance is quickly becoming one of our most popular fruity fragrances.

Delicious Apple provides a crisp, apple fragrance that many users love and know. Red and green apples are enhanced by crisp, fruity notes to create a fragrance so good that you will want to bite into it.


The holidays are welcomed in to your home or office space with Air Delights’ Cinnamon air freshener.

Cinnamon is one of the most popular fragrances that Air Delights offers — especially during fall and winter — comprising a blend of cinnamon and spicy notes that are enhanced with curls of clove and allspice.

Apple Cinnamon

Air Delights’ Apple Cinnamon is a fragrance that will bring the holidays in to your home year-round.

The scent is composed of a warm, mouthwatering fragrance of spicy cinnamon and red apples that are intensified by notes of clove and allspice — like apple cider around the holidays.

Vanilla Bean

Bring in one of the most popular fragrances among home owners and commercial building occupants alike. This is no less true with Air Delights’ Vanilla Bean air freshener.

Vanilla beans blend together with coconut for a warm, inviting fragrance that users know and love.


Or choose any of our fragrances below in Standard Aerosol, Micro 9000 or Micro 3000


Standard Aerosol Refills


Micro 9000 Refills


Micro 3000 Refills


Air Freshener Dispensers

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No other manufacturer can do it all—

No other manufacturer can do it all—
it’s that simple

Only ASI offers the most complete collection of products for the modern washroom.

American Specialties, Inc. provides a large variety of Soap Dispensers, Paper Towel Dispensers, Toilet Seat Covers, Tissue Dispensers, Hygiene Disposals, Baby Changing Stations, Shelves, Shower Accessories, Shower Seats, Towel Bars & Holders, Toothbrush Holders, Waste Recepticles, Paper Towel Combo Units, Multi-Purpose Cabinets, Clothing/Towel Hooks, Combination Units, Custodial Accessories, Facial Tissue Dispensers, Feminine Hygiene Vendors, Hand Dryers, Security Accessories, Healthcare Accessories, Hooks and Bumbers and Replacement Parts.

ASI Product Line


Stability—peace-of-mind one warranty
Why juggle multiple manufacturers’ warranties when you can have just one? With ASI you have the peace of mind that comes with dealing with a leader.
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Essential Washroom Products

Essential Washroom Products

Download Catalog

Since 1991 Air Delights has been providing Air Fresheners, Commercial Restroom Products, and Plumbing Valves to businesses, contractors, and home owners in the US, Canada, and around the world. Browse our extensive online catalog for hand dryers, flush valves, automatic flushers, waterfree urinals and cartridges, as well as repair parts from Sloan Valve, Zurn, Flushmate, and T&S Brass.

Air Delights is a national and international wholesaler of commercial restroom accessories and plumbing valves. We specialize in automatic air fresheners from Technical Concepts and Rubbermaid along with automatic soap dispensers like the AutoFoam and OneShot.

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Easy Fresh Air Freshener

Easy Fresh Air Freshener

The world’s only air freshener dispenser where the cover is the air freshener

Because the cover is the air freshener, Easy Fresh has the most exposed surface area of any refill resulting in maximum fragrance release.

The Easy Fresh fragranced cover is composed of a unique material containing 2-3 times more fragrance than gels or metered aerosols. The motor-driven fan moves fragrance further than a typical passive system, thus freshening larger areas.

Powerful enough to freshen larger areas

The cover contains 2-3 times more fragrance than gels or metered aerosols. The motor driven fan moves air freshener further than a typical passive system, so you’ll freshen larger areas

Consistent Freshness For 30 Days

Easy Fresh is programmed so that as the 30 days pass and the fragrance evaporates, the fan spins more frequently keeping the room smelling just right. The smart chip controlled fan freshens consistently since it turns sparingly in week 1, and gradually turns more frequently until week 4 when it runs constantly.

Easy to use

Maintenance is simple with easy to use LED and audible reminders along with a push button cover for quick removal and replacement.

Available Fragrances

Safe for the environment

Cannot spill or misfire, part of the industry’s first closed-loop recycling program so it’s easily recyclable.

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TCell Fluid Control Air Freshener

TCell Air Fresheners

The World’s First Continuous Odor Control System

TCell utilizes a patented fluid delivery system, delivering a precise dose of pure designer fragrance, odor neutralizer, and air freshener that remains constant for 60 days. It is the perfect environmental solution because it does not contain propellants or added VOCs and the components are recyclable.

Available in Chrome and White

  • Highly effective, continuous odor control
  • Patented, precision dosing delivery system
  • Creates a clean, fresh scent
  • Consistent level of fragrance throughout 60-90 day refill life
  • Consumer preferred, designer fragrances
  • The environmentally friendly solution
  • Noise free air freshener dispenser – no moving parts
  • Effective up to 6,000 cubic feet (approx. 800 square ft.)
  • Contains Microtrans a true odor neutralizer
  • Lifetime Warranty

Low Maintenance

  • Refill lasts 60 or 90 days
  • No batteries required

Environmentally friendly

  • No propellants or added V.O.C.’s
  • No batteries
  • Up to 66% refill source reduction over traditional 30 day systems
  • Recyclable refill


TCell Air Freshener Refills


Dispenser Installation
Position the dispenser in an area where moving air will disperse the fragrance and neutralizer throughout the entire area, normally three to six feet from the entranceway. One dispenser covers approximately 6,000 cubic feet.
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Microburst® 9000 – Most Economical & Best Performing

Microburst® 9000 Aerosol Dispenser

The Most Economical and Best Performing Odor Control System

The Microburst 9000 Aerosol Dispenser uses state-of-the-art Smart Chip technology to maximize odor control effectiveness, reduced cost-in-use, and provide visual and audio indicators to minimize labor cost.

  • Hi-tech dispenser creates a “We Care” image.
  • Real time clock for maximum programming flexibility.
  • Up to 180 days between refill changes.
  • Liquid Crystal Display provides visual of battery life and days remaining to change refill.
  • One dispenser controls up to 6,000 cu. ft. of space.

Customized Dispensing

  • Adjustable Spray Interval
    • “ME” = Normal situations (sprays every 14 minutes).
    • “HI” = Problem areas (sprays every 7 minutes).
  • Days of Operation
    • Allows you to operate 12 or 24 hours-a-day.
    • Can operate 5, 6, or 7 days per week.
    • You select the number of days to operate.
  • Longest–Lasting Refills

Factory set to 24 hours-a-day operation on “Medium” setting
(Refills last 90 days.)

Audio Indicator

One beep is emitted for low batteries while two beeps indicate an empty refill. Can be deactivated.

Long Battery Life

Monthly battery replacements are a thing of the past. Smart Chip technology extends battery life up to 3 years on 2 D-Cell alkaline batteries…a big cost saving feature!

Keyless Lock

Prevents refill theft without a key.

Available in White and Chrome


Choose your fragrances below


Air Delights Microburst 9000 automatic air fresheners and air neutralizer are the most effective, long-term air freshener dispensing system with revolutionary odor neutralizing and fragrancing technology. The Microburst 9000 air freshener system delivers maximum odor control for a full 90 days from one Microburst 9000 air freshener refill. Optional programming extends air freshener refill life to 180 days while providing exceptional odor control.
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Eco-Air 2.0 Passive Room Air Freshener

Eco Air 2.0

Freshens the air for 30 days

Unique fragrances are designed for consistent and powerful 30-day performance. Eco Air outperforms gels, wicks, and aerosols.

Fits in a variety of dispensers

Fits in our own Fresh-brand dispenser but was also designed to work inside of TC®, TimeMist®, Ecolab®, Hospeco®, Kimberly-Clark®, Vectair® and fan dispensers too.

Stays strong

Cannot break or spill. Use it in restrooms, conference rooms, entry ways, lobbies, trash rooms, or near soiled linens.


The Eco Air is a passive air freshening system that delivers a powerful, consistent freshness for 30 days. It is capable of freshening your largest spaces without any batteries or fans, and in addition to its own dispenser, Eco Air fits in TC®, TimeMist®, Ecolab®, Hospeco®, Kimberly-Clark®, Vectair®, and fan-dispensers. No matter what you put it in, or where you hang it, the Eco Air cannot break or spill. It works well in restroom stalls, on restroom walls, conference rooms, entry ways, lobbies, trash rooms, or near soiled linens. Eco Air is also 100% recyclable and is part of a closed-loop recycling program that allows you to easily recycle.

Key Benefits

  • Freshens the air for 30 days
  • Outperforms gels, wicks, and aerosols
  • Uses no batteries or fans
  • Fits in its own dispenser, and many others
  • Cannot break or spill
  • Ready for use in restroom stalls, on restroom walls, conference rooms, entry ways, lobbies, trash rooms, or near soiled linens.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Part of a closed-loop recycling program that allows you to recycle easily (Eco-Refresh)


Available Fragrances


Air Delights is a national and international wholesaler of commercial restroom accessories and plumbing valves. We specialize in automatic air fresheners from Technical Concepts and Rubbermaid along with automatic soap dispensers like the AutoFoam and OneShot.

Air Delights also has fantastic deals on XLERATOR Hand Dryers for Commercial Restrooms, Automatic Faucets and Automatic Flushers from Sloan Valve and Zurn. When it comes to commercial restroom accessories we stock all products from Bobrick, Bradley, and American Specialties (ASI).

We also are a stocking distributor of Waterfree Urinals and Waterfree Urinal Cartridges from Sloan, Bobrick, and Falcon Waterfree Technologies.

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Clean Has a New Scent at Air Delights

Clean Has a New Scent at Air Delights

Air Delights introduces “Blue Wave”

Air freshener and commercial plumbing product distributor, Air Delights, Inc., releases a new scent that is taking over restrooms by storm! After riding in an Uber and smelling a cologne-scented car air freshener, it occurred to owner Steve Bronson that the distinct scent was something his line of air fresheners was needing. Thus, Blue Wave was born. The new scent is the 18th addition to the company’s current line of signature fragrances.

“It is the kind of scent the company would wear to its own celebratory party, I feel”, Bronson goes on to joke since the scent comes about during the company’s 25th year in business. “The scent is that of a subtle cologne that matches the man wearing it — pleasant to be around, not obtrusive, and well-kept.”

The scent was aimed at creating a common scent that was familiar and refreshing. The company’s current customer favorite is the Fresh Linen scent, and they were trying to create a strong runner-up. Looking at what made Fresh Linen so popular, Air Delights conducted a simple survey of just asking their regular customers over the phone. When a case of Fresh Linen air freshener refills was requested, they would casually ask the customer what they liked about the Fresh Linen’s scent. Time and again, the same word was heard — clean.

The new scent goes great in men’s restrooms where odors tend to be a bit more intense. “Urine is the foulest scent a business could have associated with it, especially a restaurant”, Bronson adds. “We were looking for something that would smell more native to a restroom.” Blue Wave mimics a clean smelling man, making a men’s room visit much more pleasant. The scent has also been requested in women’s restrooms at nightclubs and upscale restaurants where cologne is a familiar scent that women love as well.

Blue Wave Air Freshener and Automist Dispenser

To smell what the “new clean” smells like and check out more restroom accessories and commercial plumbing products, contact Air Delights, Inc. online at All Air Delights refills are also made to fit your standard AutoFresh Air Freshener Dispenser, Microburst 3000 or Microburst 9000 fragrance dispensers as well.

About Air Delights, Inc.

Air Delights is one of the largest distributors of air freshening, commercial restroom products, and plumbing valves in the United States. Our mission is to offer our customers the best selection of the highest quality plumbing fixtures and restroom accessories while providing excellent customer service and fast delivery. We believe that customer service is about taking care of the details, so our customers don’t have to.

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AutoMist Automatic Air Freshener

Consumers can now program essential oil fragrances into their lives with the AutoMist Automatic Air Freshener. Ideal for use in any facility that needs a little extra odor assistance, this air freshener is ideal for the restroom, office, or any other commercial space because it can be programmed to release fragrances for any window of time.

Consumers may set the air freshener to release essential oil fragrances to dispense all the time (i.e. For a location that includes night shifts), or they can adjust it so that it operates just during business hours or just during certain days of the week (i.e. Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Air Delights Automist Air Freshener System

This kind of flexibility allows consumers to save battery life and allows the air freshener refill to last longer while ensuring that the commercial space, restroom, or office is filled with delightful fragrances whenever desired. The real-time military clock allows for flexibility in programming, while the option to program for 3,000 or 9,000 spray refills adds improved flexibility and convenience to consumers’ air freshener experience.

Programmability and convenience are not the only outstanding features of this air freshener, however. The AutoMist uses the essential oil-inspired Air Delights air fresheners. Air Delights use high-quality essential oils to create beautiful fragrances that can relax, invigorate, welcome, and appeal to anyone.

With almost 20 different varieties from which to choose, consumers can select the fragrance that best suits their preferences and needs, or try a different fragrance every time they need a refill. Try the Blue Wave or Orange Citrus fragrance in the restroom, or the ever-popular Vanilla Bean in a commercial facility where the fragrance needs to appeal to a wide range of people.

If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in the office, try the “spray-cation” aroma of Ocean Mist,  the open air fragrance of Mountain Air, or the fruity scent of Orchard Splash. Other popular options include the fall and winter perfection of Cinnamon Spice, and the musky fragrance of Spring Sage.

The AutoMist can freshen any space up to 800 square feet to allow for use in most restroom or office spaces. While it is designed to fit any commercial brand of air freshener, when you combine the AutoMist, with its flexible programmability, with the essential oil fragrances of 3,000 or 9,000 refill Air Delights Air Fresheners, you create a unique and powerful way to create a welcoming space anywhere.

Air Delights, Inc. is a National Distributor and Wholesaler of Commercial Restroom Products. For more information on Air Delights, Inc and to browse our product lines give us a call at 1-800-440-5556 or visit our website at

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