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T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of faucets, fittings and specialty products and accessories for the food service, industrial, commercial plumbing and laboratory markets. Founded in 1947, the company introduced the industry’s first pre-rinse unit, followed by key innovations like the foot pedal valve over the next decade.

T&S products are highly acclaimed throughout the industry for being well-built, long-lasting and reliable. Rigorous testing and a focus on interchangeability have helped set T&S apart from the competition for nearly 70 years.




For more than 70 years, the engineering and product development teams of T&S have served the needs of the food service industry — from global QSR chains to some of the most recognized fine dining establishments. T&S focus on water and energy conservation, as well as superior reliability, has made T&S a trusted name for some of the food service world’s leading brands.


When it comes to the unique challenges faced by schools and educational facilities, T&S Brass has the water-saving products and experience to get the job done — from labs and locker rooms to classrooms and cafeterias. Our durable faucets and fixtures are built to withstand vandalism and abuse, and we’re proud to offer a line of specially coated handles that resist the growth of illness-causing microbes. And, as always, T&S features products that meet the latest lead-free safety requirements.


From hospital rooms and surgical suites to assisted living facilities, T&S Brass has been supplying highly durable plumbing products to the healthcare market for more than six decades. With a special focus on hygiene, we’ve engineered our products to clean easily and stay sanitary thanks to a durable antimicrobial coating. And with conservation and cost savings a top priority for today’s healthcare facilities, we’re proud to offer a complete line of low-flow products for a wide range of applications.


When it comes to the grocery and retail markets, T&S Brass is a proven leader — offering an array of innovative, efficient solutions that help operators save money, conserve resources and focus on their customers. Our extensive selection of water- and energy-saving products is ideal for any food service-related retail space, helping facilities reduce costs and get the most out of their equipment.


No other brand has served the hospitality market quite like T&S Brass — and after decades of providing reliable, efficient solutions to hotels and other facilities around the world, operators continue to look to T&S as a true industry leader. Our track record of plumbing innovation dates back more than six decades, providing unmatched water and energy savings for a wide range of applications including guest bathrooms, hotel kitchens and more.

Convenience Store

Having served the convenience store market for decades, T&S Brass understands the unique challenges associated with equipping the C-store environment. Our focus on water and energy conservation has helped countless customers in the C-store market to reduce costs — and thanks to T&S’ quality and reliability, operators can rest assured that our vandalism-resistant products will pass the test day after day.


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The Hardware Makes the Difference

The Hardware Makes the Difference


For over 60 years Jacknob has been supplying the highest quality partition hardware for restroom and bathroom toilet stalls and partitions. Including bathroom stall locks, restroom stall door latches, partition brackets and hinges, commercial restroom hardware, bathroom stall hardware including urinal screen mounting brackets. Also offer pilaster shoes including open pilaster shoes, headrail and headrail parts and wall brackets for all types of restroom partitions.


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