Microburst Duet Dispenser – Dual Fragrance Odor Control

Microburst® Duet Dispenser

Dual Fragrance Odor Control

Microburst® Duet, a dual-fragrance odor control system, alternates between two complementary scents.

  • Easy, flexible programming.
  • Stylish, streamlined designs.
  • Proactive display notfies users when to change the refill and battery.

2 fragrances are better than 1

Microburst Advantage

Innovative, LCD Technology
Proactive Days-To-Refill Display, Visual Battery Gauge, and Optional Audio Tone (Low Battery & Refill)

Easy, Flexible Programming
Maximum Cost Control, Program to Your Needs

World-Class Reliability
Microtrans®, a True Odor Neutralizer, Longest Battery Life, and Industry-leading 10-Year Warranty

Patented, Steel Refill Actuator
Pharmaceutical-grade steel valve distributes the industry’s finest mist for longer lasting performance patrons will notice!

Preferred Fragrances
RCP offers a variety of clean, fresh fragrances representing consumer-preferred fragrance zones, thereby increasing satisfaction with individual patrons. We conveniently offer our top fragrances as individual products or in convenient “Preference Packs,” which are a great solution for customers to test and determine the right fragrance for their facility.

Superior Design
These stylish, streamlined designs promote a positive image and further enhance any environment. Multiple dispensing options are available to match any décor.

Spa Collection
This new and exciting collection of fragrances is designed to rejuvenate mind and body while neutralizing odors in any environment. These scents are specially infused with therapeutic ingredients and essential oils proven to have a positive impact on mood. Each blended fragrance offers complex, multi-dimensional scents proven to disperse evenly and stay noticeable longer.

Flexible Programming

You decide which fragrance will spray and when. Alternates fragrances:

  • Hour to Hour
  • AM / PM
  • Day to Day
  • Can to Can



Metered Air Care Systems

81% of washroom patrons feel a fresh-smelling washroom is a sign of a well-maintained washroom. Because even the cleanest washrooms are susceptible to unavoidable odors, discreet and effective air freshening systems are essential.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ Air Care Systems combine the industry’s most reliable dispensing technology with fragrances designed to meet the diverse needs of the away-from-home washroom, effectively eliminating odors and leaving the washroom with a clean, fresh fragrance.


Microburst Duet Refills

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Microburst 300 Dispenser with LumeCel

Microburst 3000 Dispenser with LumeCel™ Technology


The Microburst® 3000, powered by the revolutionary LumeCel™ rechargeable energy system, offers flexible programming and powerful odor control.

  • The gobally patented, revolutionary, green energy system is guaranteed to run automatically for at least 15 years.
  • LumeCel’s renewable energy cell is made from Nickel Metal Hydride, storing excess energy, which provides power at nearly 100% efficiency.
  • Alkaline battery free, eliminating the need to store, use and dispose of traditional batteries.

Simple By Nature. Simple By Design.

LumeCel™ captures energy from regular indoor lighting
Like a solar panel capturing energy from the sun, LumeCel captures energy from any indoor light source.

LumeCel™ is Smart
LumeCel’s rechargeable energy cells are made from fully recyclable nickel metal hydride technology. Super efficient, they store energy from light, providing internal electrical power at nearly 100% efficiency. Easy to use, ready for use, right out of the box.

LumeCel™ is Clean
LumeCel’s revolutionary green energy system is the cleanest, best choice for the environment. It’s 100% recyclable and eliminates the need to manufacture, use and dispose of alkaline batteries. This equals no continual landfill or toxic alkaline battery disposal fees, minimal environmental impact and a higher LEED certification.

Zero Batteries
The Microburst 3000 is powered by the LumeCel™ rechargeable energy system, eliminating the need for alkaline batteries. It’s completely self-powered by indoor lighting (both artificial & natural light) and guaranteed to run for at least 15 years.

Lower Maintenance Costs
Each Microburst 3000 air care dispenser is self-powered and works right out of the box. The need to purchase, store, replace, and dispose of batteries – is eliminated. It’s also virtually maintenance free, reducing the potential of workplace mishaps or accidents.

Low Disposal Impact
LumeCel’s rechargeable energy cell and solar panels help to create a positive environmental impact by being 100% recyclable, which greatly reduces landfill fees and toxic alkaline battery disposal fees.

Microburst 3000 Refills

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Best Prices for Sloan Parts

Air Delights Has a Full Range of Sloan Repair Parts In Stock!

With Repair Parts for Sloan Manual and Automatic Flushometers, Faucets and Soap Dispensers, We Have You Covered!

Sloan Parts We Carry Include, But Are Not Limited to the Below Products:

Flushometer Parts

Diaphrapm Kits
Vacuum Breakers
Control Stops
Push Buttons
Pistion Kits
Flush Connections
Sweat Solder Kits
Control Modules

Soap Dispenser Parts

Motor Assemblies
Spout Assemblies
Battery Packs
Mounting Hardare
AC Adapters

Faucet Parts

Spray Heads
Trim Plates
Mixer Caps
Control Modules


Sloan Royal & Regal Flushometer Replacement Kits

Sloan provides the most reliable flushometers in the industry, but even Royal & Regal flushometer parts need to be maintained for continued optimal performance. It is important to use the right replacement parts, genuine Sloan flushometer parts, in recommended maintenance intervals.

Sloan’s diaphragm flushometers combine advanced design and engineering with sophisticated materials to deliver the industry’s highest quality flushometer.

Dual-Filtered Fixed Bypass Diaphragm
The dual-filtered fixed bypass puts two filters in front of the metering bypass of the diaphragm. These filters effectively keep debris from clogging the flushometer.

Air Delights Has a Full Range of Sloan Diaphragm Kits In Stock!

Regal Drop-In Kits
Starting at $12.75
Diaphragm Assembly Only.

Includes Diaphragm, Relief Valve, Molded Disc and Guide Assembly.

Regal Rebuild Kits
Starting at $16.74
Includes Diaphragm Assembly, Handle Repair Kit, Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit and Tailpiece O-Ring.
Royal Drop-In Kits
Starting at $24.42
Diaphragm Assembly Only.

Includes Dual-Filtered Fixed Bypass Diaphragm, Relief Valve, Molded Disc and Guide Assembly.

Royal Performance Kits
Starting at $28.74
Includes Dual-Filtered Fixed Bypass Diaphragm Assembly, Handle Repair Kit, Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit and Tailpiece O-Ring.

Both Regal & Royal Diaphragm Kits will fit Regal or Royal Flushometers. For information on specific kits including flow volume and compatibility, visit our website at,
or call us at: 800-440-5556.

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Sloan CX Concealed Flushometer

Sloan CX Flushometer: The concealed flushometer everyone will get behind.

Sloan CX Flushometer

The concealed flushometer everyone will get behind.

The CX is available in multiple models with a variety of choices

  • Manual or sensor
  • Battery powered or hardwired
  • 5 finish options
  • 1.6, 1.28, 1.0, 0.5 and 0.25 gpf

The CX’s small size and concealed valve allows for it to be an integral part of any restroom without interrupting the integrity of the design or architecture. With a choice of Polished Chrome or 4 attractive PVD finishes, including our newest color, Matte Black, the CX allows you to make the statement of your choice that elevates your restrooms.

Sensor-Activated CX Flushometer

Polished Chrome
Polished Brass
Brushed Nickel
Brushed Stainless
Matte Black

Model Number Fixture Tpe Flush Volume
CX 8158-1.6 Closet Low Consumption (1.6 gpf/ 6.0 Lpf)
CX 8158-1.28 Closet High-Efficiency (1.28 gpf/ 4.8 Lpf)
CX 8198-0.5 Urinal High-Efficiency (0.5 gpf/1.9 Lpf)
CX 8198-0.25 Urinal High-Efficiency (0.25 gpf/1.0 Lpf)
CX 8198-0.125 Urinal High-Efficiency (0.125 gpf/0.5 Lpf)

Every sensor activated CX Flushometer has the option to be installed as battery powered only or hardwired with battery backup.


Manual CX Flushometer

Polished Chrome
Polished Brass
Brushed Nickel
Brushed Stainless
Matte Black

Model Number Fixture Tpe Flush Volume
CX 158-1.6 Closet Low Consumption (1.6 gpf/6.0 Lpf)
CX 158-1.28 Closet High-Efficiency (1.28 gpf/4.8 Lpf)
CX 198-0.5 Urinal High-Efficiency (0.5 gpf/1.9 Lpf)
CX 198-0.25 Urinal High-Efficiency (0.25 gpf/1.0 Lpf)
CX 198-0.125 Urinal High-Efficiency (0.125 gpf/0.5 Lpf)


CX Flushometer Installation Videos

CX Sensor Flushometer Install

CX Manual Flushometer Install

Built for the Architect

Sloan understands the importance of designing to fit your space. So we developed the industry’s smallest front access wall panel, nearly 70% smaller than the industry standard. They built it to be vandal resistant, ensuring impressive product longevity that won’t tarnish over time. The CX’s small size and concealed valve allows for it to be an integral part of any restroom without interrupting the integrity of the design or architecture.

Fashioned for the designer

Sloan has worked closely with architects and designers around the world to ensure that our efficient, water-saving products are also beautiful. With a choice of Polished Chrome or 4 attractive PVD finishes, including our newest color, Matte Black, the CX allows you to make the statement of your choice that elevates your restrooms.

Made for the Building Owner

For building owners, the restroom is a reflection on their property and can often make or break the impression of their entire building. Not only is CX pleasing to the eye, it doesn’t require a rear access plumbing chase, meaning up to 60% more usable space in every restroom. The CX Flushometer will not only surpass all design and ease of use expectations, it will also vastly contribute to any property’s annual water savings with high efficiency water conservation technology.

Crafted for Contractors & Facility Managers

The CX streamlines the installation process. Instead of bringing the valve to the plumbing, the CX features an integrated control stop and adjustable flush connection, with an all-vertical, in-line, rough-in that allows the installer to bring the plumbing to the valve. Once installed, all the servicing of repair parts can be done single-handedly in front of the wall, through the wall plate using half the labor. No longer do facility managers need to navigate, narrow, congested plumbing chases for routine repairs.

Ideal for the Engineer

The CX Flushometer is a product of over a century’s work to produce the very best in advanced technology for engineers. We took the main concerns an engineer faces — product functionality, size and performance — and provided solutions. The concealed, clean valve and body design is ideal for new construction or as a renovation to most existing plumbing systems.

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Build Value & Elevate Aesthetics

Build Value & Elevate Aesthetics

Bobrick is a recognized leader in toilet partition systems and commercial restroom accessories, carrying a strong legacy of product innovation and manufacturing expertise. Whether you’re an architect, specifier, distributor or facility manager, Bobrick helps meet the diverse needs of restrooms in all building types.

Toilet Partition Systems

Our toilet partitions and urinal screens are designed for privacy, accessibility, durability and visual appeal.

Commercial Washroom Accessories

Our industry-leading selection includes soap dispensers, paper towell dispensers, hand dryers, toilet tissue dispensers, grab bars, baby changing stations and more.

ADA Compliance

Bobrick/Koala Kare Products are engineered to meet the latest accessibility requirements for wall protrusion, mounting heights, reach and operation.

Bobrick Washroom Accessories, the leader in commercial stainless steel bathroom accessories including paper towel dispensers, manual and automatic soap dispensers, sensor hand dryers and much more.

Bobrick Commercial Restroom Accessories

Architects, developers and facility managers have selected Bobrick’s performance-engineered restroom accessories with confidence for more than a century. As the market leader, we deliver building owner value through design excellence, compliance, sustainability, and economical cost-in-use.
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The Hardware Makes the Difference

The Hardware Makes the Difference


For over 60 years Jacknob has been supplying the highest quality partition hardware for restroom and bathroom toilet stalls and partitions. Including bathroom stall locks, restroom stall door latches, partition brackets and hinges, commercial restroom hardware, bathroom stall hardware including urinal screen mounting brackets. Also offer pilaster shoes including open pilaster shoes, headrail and headrail parts and wall brackets for all types of restroom partitions.


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Smarter water management made simple

Smarter water management made simple.

Sloan’s new, improved Optima® line — a plumber-friendly powerhouse that reduces the time to install, service and maintain faucets by 50% or more. Sync it with Sloan’s new smartphone app and you’ve found yourself a simpler way to manage water.

Sloan Optima® Faucets
So many faucet designs to choose from

Sloan Optima® Control Box
One box with every option

Sloan Connect® App
Simply connect to adjust and monitor


So many faucet designs to choose from.

Sloan’s revamped our Optima® Faucet line to standardize components, saving time on labor, saving money on replacement parts, and speeding up service time. All Optima faucets now come with standard mounting hardware, an integrated sensor cable, and quick-connect flex hose.


Standardized for fast installation.

At first glance you’ll see that new technology means fewer cords and fewer hoses. The Optima® Control Box eliminates extraneous mounting plates and hardware with the use of built in mounting slots to make installation quick and easy.


Power options to fit your project.

The same control unit can be powered by batteries, plug adapter, or an optional turbine. As the faucet flows, this turbine supplements battery power 
and makes powering your faucets even more energy efficient. It can extend the life of regular alkaline batteries by up to 10 years.

  • Power the unit by battery
  • 6 VDC or 24 VAC power supply
  • Optional turbine

Designed for easier installation.

The newly patented dual inlet filter fitting contains a built-in water filter and allows for hot and cold water mixing. Up to 6 faucets can be connected to a single power source. Installation has never been easier.



One app to adjust and monitor.

And speaking of simple, did we mention faucet settings can be adjusted without getting under the sink? With the Optima® Control Box, you can connect all of your below deck components with your mobile device. Wireless connection puts faucet controls and data literally at your fingertips and keeps you off your knees.

Sloan Connect App

  • Adjust settings wirelessly (no deck disassembly or below-deck work)
  • Select On-Demand or Metered activation
  • Set faucet timeouts
  • Activate Line Flush to clear supply lines or drains
  • Measure and report water usage
  • Check battery strength
  • Identify your faucet and access technical data
  • Generate and share diagnostic reports with Sloan
  • Save notes about site or faucet


Download FREE for iOS and Android


Watch App Video

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Still Wondering About Waterless Urinals?

Still Wondering About Waterless Urinals?

Billions of gallons of water are used annually to flush toilets in the United States. Consequences of this usage include consumption of natural resources and construction of new infrastructure to treat and transmit potable water and wastewater. Waterless, or no-flush urinals, may help mitigate these effects and offer other advantages, including lower utility charges, improved restroom hygiene, and decreased fixture maintenance.


The waterless urinal appears and works like a conventional urinal, except that it does not flush and, therefore, requires no water. Like their traditional counterparts, waterless urinals are made of fiberglass or vitreous china, and are offered in white as well as various custom colors (Figure 1). ADA compliant models are also available. No-flush urinals can be installed virtually anywhere the conventional variety would be used.

Like ordinary urinals, waterless types are plumbed to a standard drain line, but obviously do not use a conventional water-filled trap. Waterless urinals utilize proprietary sealant liquids that act as a vapor trap. The liquids are composed primarily of natural oils that are lighter than water. Urine passes through this liquid and goes down the drain. The sealant liquid, except a minuscule amount that escapes with each use, remains in place to trap odors and prevent them from escaping into the restroom.

WES-150 Removable Cartridge
4.8″ High

The removable cartridge, according to manufacturers’ literature, serves two other purposes in addition to holding the sealant liquid. First, it acts as a strainer to keep unwanted materials such as chewing gum and cigarette butts out of the drain. Also, it captures sediment from urine that would otherwise go down the drain and potentially create obstructions. Models with integral siphons do not have a strainer, so their manufacturer recommends flushing the drain line with water on a monthly basis. The built-in trap version has a drain cover that should catch larger items before they go down the drain. For models with drain inserts or cartridges, the cover is twist-locked in place. A special tool supplied by the manufacturer is required to remove it, thus reducing the chance of unwanted removal and opportunities for vandalism.


No-flush urinals can be installed at virtually any location that conventional flush type urinals would go. Installation locations have included airports, schools, colleges and universities, offices, hospitals, stadiums, convention centers, parks, and rest areas. Waterless urinals are suitable for both new construction and retrofits. In both applications these urinals are installed essentially like conventional ones, except that no water hookup is needed. However, some owners prefer to install water supply lines to the urinals’ location and cap them in case they are not satisfied with the waterless urinals in the future. Some building officials are reportedly requiring this type installation as a condition of approval as well. Waterless urinals fit to standard 2- inch drain lines, but not copper. The urea in urine can react with copper to cause pitting and corrosion. For retrofits the height of existing drain piping may need to be modified to allow mounting of the new waterless urinals at the proper heights. This adjustment is due to the fact that drain outlets on conventional and waterfree urinals are often at different locations relative to the fixture bottom. Also, one source recommends ensuring existing drain lines are clear of obstructions, snaking them if necessary, prior to installation. This removes any existing encrustations in the lines, which, according to no-flush urinal manufacturers, accumulate due to reactions between urine and water.

While they can be used almost anywhere, waterless urinals are a practical option where facilities are not connected to a sanitary sewer system. Since there is no flushing, septic systems or on-site treatment facilities do not fill with water from urinals. No-flush urinals may also be attractive in locations such as parks and rest areas where heating is not provided in the winter, since freeze protection is not required.


Water Savings. Toilets account for about half of a typical building’s water consumption. In the United States, almost 5 billion gallons of water is used every day to flush toilets, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Newer models of conventional flush-type urinals use about one gallon per flush. Older ones can use from three to five gallons. Since no-flush urinals use no water, one to five gallons of water is saved with each use.

Low Maintenance. Waterless urinals generally require little maintenance other than a few simple procedures that are outlined below (see Maintenance). The absence of a flush valve eliminates valve repairs and reduces opportunities for tampering. Additionally, overflow due to clogged drains and vandalism is not a problem since large amounts of water are not being flushed. According to the manufacturers, drain lines on waterless urinals are less susceptible to clogging as the mixture of water and urine, absent with no-flush urinals, causes encrustations to form in the pipes. Occasional flushing with a few gallons of water is recommended to keep lines clean.

Improved Hygiene. Many people have the impression that urine is an unclean substance. However, it is generally a sanitary liquid, composed mainly of dissolved metabolic waste and excess water. A person’s urine normally does not contain harmful microorganisms unless they are harboring some type of urinary tract infection. Water used by conventional urinals gives germs in the restroom the moist environment they need to grow. Manufacturers design waterless urinals to dry out between uses. This makes them hostile to bacteria and viruses. Also, since there is no handle, no-flush urinals are touch-free, reducing the spread of communicable diseases.

Odor Control. The absence of a water-urine blend in the bowl lessens the prevalence of odors often associated with urinals, according to at least one manufacturer. The sealant liquid filling the trap is designed to keep odors out of the restroom. However, some owners report that odors might become noticeable if the supply of sealant liquid is allowed to run out.

Environmentally Friendly. Waterless urinals contribute positively to the environment. First, the absence of water for flushing reduces the demand for water, an increasingly scarce commodity in some areas. Also, since no water goes down the drain, additional wastewater requiring treatment is not generated. Next, the special drain cartridges and inserts used in some models are recyclable. Finally, the sealant liquid composed of natural oils, is biodegradable.

Rebates and Incentives. Some water utility companies offer rebates and incentive payments to owners installing waterless urinals. Payments range from a partial to full reimbursement for the cost of no-flush urinals. In Texas cities participating in these type programs are generally in the central and western parts of the state such as Austin and El Paso. Some areas in the west, including many in the Seattle, Washington, region also offer incentives for no-flush urinal installation.

Energy Reduction. Widespread use of waterless urinals could result in an overall reduction in the use of energy. Cities and other water supply agencies would not have to treat and pump as much water. “Green Building” Credits. Many new construction projects nowadays are earning certification as “green buildings” under the LEED program developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Installation of waterless urinals helps gain water conservation points.


Waterless urinals are touted as reducing maintenance. As previously mentioned, flush valve repair and cleanup from clogged drains is eliminated. However, the fixtures do require some periodic attention. Regular upkeep includes cleaning all surfaces, and drain care, whether the drain contains a cartridge type trap or one cast into the urinal. Custodial staffs can perform these tasks.

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Flushometer Performance In A Tank

No One Handles Pressure Like SLOAN

Pressure-assisted flushing gives you the performance you expect even when your light commercial applications require lower flush volumes.

Sloan invented pressurized flushing, and no other company has sold more pressure-assisted products. With a Flushmate® vessel supplying the pressure and Sloan’s reputation for durability providing peace of mind, you’ll be confident in your toilets’ performance for years to come.

Extraordinary performance

Your Sloan pressure-assisted toilet looks like an ordinary tank-type toilet, and people flush it the ordinary way. Its performance, however, is anything but ordinary.

Even the highest-traffic toilets will be far less likely to back up or clog, because pressure supplied by the Flushmate vessel pushes waste out of the bowl and into the drainline far faster than a gravity flush.

With Sloan’s pressure-assisted toilets you’ll also notice a cleaner bowl, because the higher velocity and pressure of the rim jets creates a better scrub. Plus, with no flappers, chains or clunky multi-linkage mechanisms, these toilets offer smooth, quiet, trouble-free flush activation and easy maintenance.

Flushometer performance in a tank toilet

Sloan’s pressure-assisted toilets deliver the drainline performance of flushometers. Simple and cost-effective, they install exactly the same way as gravity toilets and require the same basic water supply pressure (20–25 psi). They require no extra infrastructure at all, so you can easily upgrade from your gravity tank toilets.

Yet they deliver performance similar to flushometer toilets—even at flush volumes as low as 1 gallon per flush. By pushing waste out of the bowl at a higher flow rate, these toilets deliver up to 50% longer drainline carry than gravity toilets, so you’ll experience far fewer drainline stoppages.

In the restroom

Your Sloan® pressure-assisted toilet looks like an ordinary tank-type toilet, and people flush it the ordinary way.

Its performance, however, is anything but ordinary.

Even the highest-traffic toilets will be far less likely to back up or clog, because the pressure supplied by the Flushmate® vessel pushes waste out of the bowl and into the drainline far faster than a gravity flush.

With Sloan’s pressure-assisted toilets, you’ll also notice:

A cleaner bowl, because the rim jets have higher velocity and pressure that create a better scrub.

Fewer “double flushes”, because the higher pressure clears the drainline on the first flush.

Sustainable water savings because, unlike gravity toilets with flush volumes that can be manipulated, Sloan pressure-assisted toilets are non-adjustable.

No condensation due to the insulated tank.

Smooth, quiet, trouble-free activation because Sloan pressure-assisted toilets have no flappers, no chains and no clunky multi-linkage mechanisms.


Browse SLOAN Flushmate Water Closets

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No other manufacturer can do it all—

No other manufacturer can do it all—
it’s that simple

Only ASI offers the most complete collection of products for the modern washroom.

American Specialties, Inc. provides a large variety of Soap Dispensers, Paper Towel Dispensers, Toilet Seat Covers, Tissue Dispensers, Hygiene Disposals, Baby Changing Stations, Shelves, Shower Accessories, Shower Seats, Towel Bars & Holders, Toothbrush Holders, Waste Recepticles, Paper Towel Combo Units, Multi-Purpose Cabinets, Clothing/Towel Hooks, Combination Units, Custodial Accessories, Facial Tissue Dispensers, Feminine Hygiene Vendors, Hand Dryers, Security Accessories, Healthcare Accessories, Hooks and Bumbers and Replacement Parts.

ASI Product Line


Stability—peace-of-mind one warranty
Why juggle multiple manufacturers’ warranties when you can have just one? With ASI you have the peace of mind that comes with dealing with a leader.
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Essential Washroom Products

Essential Washroom Products

Download Catalog

Since 1991 Air Delights has been providing Air Fresheners, Commercial Restroom Products, and Plumbing Valves to businesses, contractors, and home owners in the US, Canada, and around the world. Browse our extensive online catalog for hand dryers, flush valves, automatic flushers, waterfree urinals and cartridges, as well as repair parts from Sloan Valve, Zurn, Flushmate, and T&S Brass.

Air Delights is a national and international wholesaler of commercial restroom accessories and plumbing valves. We specialize in automatic air fresheners from Technical Concepts and Rubbermaid along with automatic soap dispensers like the AutoFoam and OneShot.

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Commercial Restroom Design Details

11 Commercial restroom design details you shouldn’t forget

A small business we know recently renovated its entire office—floors, walls, lighting, windows, work spaces and, of course, restrooms. The results were stunning, but when employees used the restrooms on their first day in the new space, they realized something was missing.

There was no way to dry their hands.

The project’s designers hadn’t specified electric hand dryers, and somehow no one thought about paper towel dispensers. Management had no choice but to leave stacks of paper towels on the bathroom sink decks, adding store-bought, free-standing dispensers the next day.

Small design lapses like that can undermine the impact you want to make with your new or renovated commercial restroom design. They can be expensive to correct, but even if the fix is simple, who wants fixes in their brand new restroom?

Here are some more commercial restroom design details that you absolutely want to get right the first time:

1. Hand dryers (or paper towels) next to the sink. People walking across the restroom with wet hands will drip on the floor, which is messy and potentially dangerous.

2. Space for waste baskets near the sink. The farther from the sink the wastebasket is, the more paper towel litter there will be on the floor. (Which is one more reason we recommend automatic hand dryers.)

3. Touchless soap dispensers and faucets. Think about what’s on your hands before you wash them in the restroom. That’s what gets on the faucet and soap dispenser—and why touchless is far more hygienic. (And matching faucets and soap dispensers give you hygiene plus style.)

4. #1 and #3 combined. Sloan’s AER-DEC® Integrated Sink System combines your soap dispenser, faucet, hand dryer and sink basin to work together as one beautiful, touch-free, hygienic, highly efficient system.

5. Hooks. Inside stall doors, hooks for jackets, purses or shopping bags should be standard for all public bathrooms. And look, there’s now a convenient bag hook available on our AER-DEC sink system!

6. Speaking of stall doors … they should swing out, not in. And please specify stalls with tight-fitting doors and panels to protect people’s privacy.

7. Partitions between urinals are another considerate touch for added privacy.

8. Seat cover dispensers. According to studies, 85% of women crouch or “hover” over the toilet seat. Give their quadriceps a break—make seat covers available.

9. Space around changing tables. If someone leaves the table down, can someone else in a wheelchair get past? If not, your restroom may not be ADA-compliant.

10. Space for waste baskets near the changing table. With openings large enough for diapers, please.

11. Friendly mirror lighting. Want people to feel good about your restroom? They need to feel good about themselves. Airport, school, stadium or office, people check their appearance before they leave the restroom. Make them glad they did.

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E-Z Flush Retrofit

E-Z Flush Automatic Flushers

The Zurn AquaSense® E-Z Flush is the most installer friendly flush valve retrofit kit on the market today. Not only does E-Z Flush allow you the fastest and easiest changeover, but E-Z Flush gives you the tools, batteries, and adapters to start and complete the job.

Unlike other kits that limit themselves to the number of manufacturers and models they can retrofit, the unique handle port mounting feature of the E-Z Flush makes it the most versatile flush valve retrofit available today. Once installed, E-Z Flush provides trouble-free automatic flushing for both the building owner and the user.

E-Z CP and E-Z CPM make updating your existing handle-operated flush valves a breeze. By simply removing the handle assembly and replacing it with the E-Z Flush retrofit kit ( batteries included ) you can bring your restroom up to the latest technology and automatic sensor operation.

Automatic sensor flushing allows for greater sanitation, better water conservation, ADA compliance, user-friendly operation and the elimination of odors caused by unflushed fixtures.


E-Z Flush RetroFit Kits And Valves

Keeping a sanitary presence in a commercial restroom is paramount when retrofitting or in new construction. Zurn E-Z Flush now makes its greater presence known with the E-Z Flush CP and CPM. The chrome-plated E-Z Flush CP and CPM not only address the clean, sanitary look required of a sensor retrofit kit, but also complement the aesthetics of the flush valves and other chrome-plated fittings in the restroom.

Unlike other blue or black retrofit kits, the E-Z CP and CPM create a clean and sanitary, well-kept appearance making for a more user-friendly atmosphere.

The AquaSense “A” E-Z Flush Unit is designed to provide automatic flushing for urinal and/or water closet flush valves. The unit features an adjustable automatic infrared sensor, user-in-view L.E.D., low battery indicator light, switchable 24 hour auto-flush, 10 degree angled sensor, courtesy flush button, and high impact-resistant chrome plated plastic cover with replaceable tempered glass lens. The unit comes complete with 4 “C” size batteries, wrench for installation, and an allen key for the battery compartment.

E-Z Flush Unit Is Easy To Retrofit

E-Z Flush is easy to install. Simply loosen the existing handle nut and remove handle. With collar gasket in place, slide E-Z Flush onto flush valve and tighten handle nut. Install the supplied “C” batteries and you are done. From manual to sensor in less than 3 minutes.

Adjustable Sensor Range and Features

The E-Z Flush sensor range is adjustable for various installation applications and with the use of our high mount adapter kit, tall flush valve rough-ins can be angled to fit the user’s requirements. E-Z Flush is also supplied with a courtesy flush button for manual operation when desired.

E-Z Flush Features

  • Best Working Battery Sensor Retrofit Unit on the Market for Harsh Water Conditions
  • Adjustable Infrared Sensing
  • Sensor and Motor Components Do Not Contact Water
  • User-In-View L.E.D.
  • Ease of Installation
  • Low Battery Light
  • Impact-Resistant Covers with Angled Face
  • Replaceable Glass Lens
  • Courtesy Flush Button Standard
  • High Mount Adapter for Tall Rough-ins
  • Uses Standard “C” Batteries
  • Three+ Years Battery Life
  • Retrofit to Zurn, Sloan, and Delany (order suffix -LY)
  • Twenty-four Hour Auto Flush Option

Specifications and Installation


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Verge® with exclusive WashBar™ Technology

Verge® with WashBar™ Technology

Smart never looked so good


From the inventor of all-in-one sink systems, comes Verge with WashBar. Providing a completely touchless handwashing experience, the WashBar houses soap, water and dryer in one intuitive and attractive unit. End soap and towel waste and elminate a cluttered wash space. This is Performance by Design.

This innovative solution for commercial washrooms is ADA compliant making it perfect for:

  • Aquariums and Museums
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Entertainment and Amusement Centers
  • Healthcare and Office Buildings
  • Restaurant and Retail Locations



All the fundamentals of handwashing have been thoughtfully designed into our cutting edge WashBar. The single piece multifunction stainless steel fixture provides convenience and safety by keeping water off the floor. LED lighting and easy to identify icons help to visually orient the user. LED lights change from blue to green when a function is activated. Clean, rinse or dry function will not accidentally activate a neighboring function.


  • Liquid or foam soap
  • Low level LED indicator
  • 1 gallon (3.8 L) soap container requires fewer refills and saves on maintenance
  • No soap tank to clean or worry about contamination


  • 0.5 GPM (1.9 LPM)
  • Ultra-high efficient 0.35 GPM (1.3 LPM) option available for sustainable applications


  • 12-15 second dry time
  • Heated air stream for ultimate comfort
  • Adjustable speed motor for faster or quieter hand drying (64-76 dB)
  • 96% less expensive than paper towels


  • Precision engineered to contain water and prevent splashing
  • Timeless design to complement any restroom project
  • Molded seamless construction means no messy caulk lines and no crevices for germs to hide
  • Available in a variety of colors

The Smart Solution You’ve Been Waiting For
Save on maintenance costs with fewer soap refills, eliminating paper towels, less wet floor clean up and less time emptying waste bins. Designed with input from interior designers and architects worldwide, Verge with the all-in-one WashBar is the smart solution you’ve been waiting for.
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The SLOAN Solution

The SLOAN Solution

Sloan Valve is the global leader in high quality commercial restroom products and accessories including automatic sensor faucets, automatic flush valves for commercial toilets and urinals, Automatic Xlerator Hand Dryers, Waterfree Urinals, and Commercial Flush Valves.

Sloan is dedicated to products that work smart and provide enduring value.


Powered by responsible practices

Sloan continues to build a global brand synonymous with sustainability, energy conservation and water efficient products, with green innovations that include solar powered technologies and all-in-one sink systems. It also ups its game in upscale commercial restroom design, with more stylish and contemporary product options that are as beautiful as they are sustainable.


Find Your SLOAN Solution

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Tear-N-Dry – Universally Simple.


Universally Simple.

Enjoy efficient and dependable electronic roll towel dispensing with Tear N Dry. Tear-N-Dry consistently dispenses 10 in. paper portions without wait, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic environments. This affordable, low-maintenance dispenser boasts the longest battery life in the industry. The Infinity System automatic transfer system eliminates stub roll waste. And, Tear-N-Dry is simple to install. Just mount, load paper and you are ready to go.

More Info

Choose between Oceans® or Classic Designs

  • No adjustments… just mount and go!
  • Automatic portion control dispenses a ten inch sheet of paper every time without a wait.
  • Dispenses any quality or brand of paper without jamming, including low basis weight / high absorbent paper.
  • Holds roll up to 8″ wide at 8-1/2″ diameter and one 4″ diameter stub roll.
  • Lock prevents tampering or theft
  • Four ‘D’ alkaline batteries (not included) will dispense 80 to 100 800-ft rolls or equivalent.
  • Constructed of sturdy, break resistant plastic.
  • Translucent cover allows easy assessment of remaining paper supply.
  • Consistently dispenses standard 10 in. paper without a wait
  • Infinity System® automatic transfer system eliminates stub roll waste
  • Replaceable drive module
  • Choose from Classic or Oceans® design
  • Impact-resistant plastic construction
  • Color: Black Pearl
  • ADA compliant.
  • Dimensions: 11-3/4″w x 9-1/2″d x 15-1/2″h
  • Black Pearl finish.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
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High Performance Eco Bowl Clip

Eco Bowl Clip

Eco Bowl Clip attacks odors at the source


The restroom is a great place for the Eco Clip, which locks into place to eliminate odors and create freshness. Containing 50 times more air freshening than standard rimsticks, the Eco Clip gradually releases air freshener over 30 days. The clip works on the outside of bowls, (where the seat goes down and stays down), the tops of restroom partitions, or the side of tanks to combat odors and create freshness. The clip is secures in place and shrinks to fit as fragrance evaporates, so it doesn’t move after placement. The Eco Bowl Clips small size and profile allow it to be clipped on the side of the toilet tank, or clipped to the plumbing lines.

Eco Clip is 100% recyclable, doesn’t dissolve when wet, or pollute the water.

Key Benefits

  • Discreet and secure
  • Freshens the air for 30 days
  • Complies with VOC requirements in all 50 states, North America and Europe. 100% recyclable.
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile – used in many toilet and non-toilet areas to combat odors
  • Shrinks to fit as fragrance evaporates
  • Contains 50 times more air freshening than standard rimsticks
  • Works great on the outside of the toilet bowl, on the side of the tank, or top of the partition


Versatile Design

The Eco Bowl Clips versatile design allows for it to be clipped just about anywhere. Clip it on the bathroom dividers, office cubicle or even the office chair.


Available Fragrances


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Bobrick Falcon Waterfree Cartridge

Falcon Waterfree Urinals

Bobrick Waterfree Urinal Cartridge

The Falcon Waterfree Urinal Cartridge features a reduced surface area which helps eliminate room for bacteria to grow and helps keep your restroom more odor-free. See how our patented surface area reduction helps prevent off-gassing.

Each cartridge includes – biodegradable sealant, installation key, disposal bag, plastic gloves, and instructions.


  • Uses no water
  • Mechanical-free design
  • Patented, Sealed Locking Cartridge
  • Biodegradable Cartridge Sealant Liquid eliminates all odors
  • Improved hygiene and safety
  • Reduced water and sewer costs
  • Water supply piping not required
  • Easy installation and replacement


Cartridge Evolution



  • Original design releaseed



  • Diverter shield add to help retain sealant
  • Reduced splash
  • Easier to remove cartridge with new low profile O-ring



  • Dramatically reduced odor compared to all previous models
  • Better sealant retention due to new design



  • Keeps pipes & housing cleaner
  • Visual cues you when to change
  • Retains Sealant Better
  • Smaller environmental footpring


  1. The cartridge begins full of liquid with a layer of proprietary biodegradable sealant that floats on the surface.
  2. Waste enters the cartridge and passes through this sealant which isolates foul odors from the restroom.
  3. Flowing waste is slowed by internal baffles that help retain sealant and allows the uric sediment to settle.
  4. Waste flows past an internal trap and exits the cartridge leaving some of the uric sediment behind.
  5. The urine accelerates as it is funneled down to a flexible spout where it is redirected out of the housing and into the drain pipe.


FWFC-1 Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Kit from Bobrick

The replaceable and biodegradable, liquid-sealed cartridge filters waste so liquids enter the drain and sediments are collected for disposal when the cartridge is replaced after 6,000 to 7,000 uses. Multiplying each use by 1.6 gallons of water (to compare to low-flow toilets) or by 3.5 (to compare to older units) shows a savings of 9,600 to 24,500 gallons of water.

The Cartridge is engineered to receive waste through drain holes. Waste passes through an emissible layer of Sealant, continues through a Siphon Trap System, and flows out through a Patented Baffle to prevent the loss of Sealant. A Discharge Tube in the housing directs the flow of waste into the building drain system. The Cartridge is designed as a replaceable component when its function has been exhausted.

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Sloan EBV-500 Automatic Flusher

Fits both Toilets and Urinals

(flush valve not included)

The battery-powered EBV-500-A Sloan Valve Automatic Flush Unit brings convenient, automatic flushing to toilets and urinals. This unit can be installed in just a few minutes with no water shut-off required. Side Mount unit features a sleek design, sensor-activation and proven diaphragm technology combined with hands-free operation.

The Sloan Valve Single Flush Side Mount Automatic Flush Unit with Manual Overide Button. Sloan Automatic Flusher promotes good hygiene by eliminating potential points of cross-contamination and while preventing odors by ensuring that fixtures are flushed, day and night.

Smart Sense Technology™

Sloan EBV-500-A Automatic Flushers flushometers are equipped with Smart Sense Technology. The Smart Sense Technology applies extended range and logic techniques to significantly reduce water usage in high use urinal applications, such as when a continuous line of people (or queue) forms. During a continuous queue, regardless of the number of users, the maximum amount of water used is only 2.5 gallons, assuming a 0.5 gpf diaphragm kit.


Quiet, Exposed, Optima PlusR, Battery Powered, Sensor-Activated, Single-Flush (sold separately) Retrofit Conversion Kits for Exposed Closet or Urinal Sloan flushometers with the following features:

  • ADA Compliant AC-powered infrared side mount sensor for automatic “No Hands” operation
  • Chrome Plated Infrared Sensor Housing
  • Non-Hold-Open True Mechanical Override Full Flush Button
  • Initial Set-up Range Indicator Light (first 10 minutes)
  • “Low Battery” Flashing LED
  • “User in View” Flashing LED
  • Installation Tools provided
  • No External Volume Adjustment to Ensure Water Conservation


Touchless, sensor activation eliminates the need for user contact except to initiate the True Mechanical Override (TMO) button when required, to help control the spread of infectious diseases. The 72-Hour Sentinel Flush keeps fixture fresh during periods of non-use.


Automatic operation provides water usage savings over other flushing devices. Reduces maintenance and operation costs. Installation and battery replacement does not require turning off water to the valve.

Easy 2 Minute Retrofit Installation

No water shut-off required and no plumber needed. Simply remove your existing flush handle with the supplied wrench, replace with your new Side Mount Automatic Flusher unit, and tighten the collar nut with the same wrench. Insert supplied batteries, and you have just converted your restroom to a higher standard of hygiene. Fits Sloan Valve, and Zurn Flush Valves.

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Say Goodbye to Slippery Floors and Bathroom Odors at Air Delights

Say Goodbye to Slippery Floors and Bathroom Odors at Air Delights

Antimicrobial mats don’t just absorb liquid and odors; they fight back

No one likes a public bathroom you can smell before you see.  HOSPECO , a leading manufacturer and seller of cleaning and protection products serving the “away from home” market, introduces Health Gards® antimicrobial mats for the restroom.  These grippy, self-drying floor mats inhibit bacteria from growing and spreading, minimize odor, protect floors and decrease the risk of slipand-fall accidents near urinals, toilets, sinks, and hand dryers.  Health Gards mats protect floors—and patrons—using a uniquely layered design to disperse and dry fluid while eliminating bacteria that cause restroom odors.  The top layer is a tufted, woven blend of antimicrobial polypropylene fiber and velour.  This fiber mat is set upon a Sure Blend natural rubber backing that keeps the mats firmly in place. Where some mats might hold onto the liquid, ballooning with captured urine, Health Gards fights back.  The non-absorbing fibers in Health Gards disperse fluid for quick air drying.  At the same time, active antimicrobials in each fiber attack odor-causing bacteria, breaking it down to eliminate that unwanted bathroom smell. The disposable mats last approximately one month, depending on usage and foot traffic.  They offer an unobtrusive way to provide non-slip surfaces and odor-stopping power in places most likely to be impacted by liquids.  Health Gards come in three sizes: Premium Urinal Mat 17 inches x 20.25 inches, Commode Mat 27 inches x 25 inches, and a Hand Dryer Mat 10.75 inches x 23.5 inches that can be placed under sinks, hand dryers or papertowel dispensers to catch drips.

HOSPECO offers a full line of cleaning and protection products to serve the janitorial, industrial supply,
foodservice, healthcare and hospitality markets. Learn more at

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Sloan AER-DEC – Soap. Rinse. Dry.

Sloan AER-DEC – Soap. Rinse. Dry.

All three steps without taking any.

AER-DEC is the perfect innovation for any high-end washroom. Soap dispenser, faucet, hand dryer, and sink basin all designed to work together as one beautiful, touch-free, hygienic, highly efficient system.

Step up to the future of sustainable restroom design

1. Touch-free soap dispenser
Designed to work hand-in-hand with the AER-DEC® Integrated Sink, these soap dispensers promote cleanliness at every level.

2. Sensor-activated faucet
AER-DEC® features the revolutionary BASYS® sensor-activated faucets from Sloan®. The faucet is field researched and specifically engineered to meet the demands of the commercial plumbing industry.

3. High-speed hand dryer
Finally a hand dryer where you need it. AER-DEC® brings the power and innovation of hand dryers off the wall and right to your hands. By doing so, it eliminates water on the floor caused by dripping hands and wet paper towels.

It all starts with the AirBasin

Each component of the AER-DEC® is designed to create a fully integrated system. The key to that integration is the patent-pending AirBasin that controls air and water flow to eliminate backsplash and updraft.

Airflow Redirection

The AER-DEC® experience is made possible by innovative air dams that redirect air and water to eliminate backsplash and updraft.


Basins can be ordered in custom widths or in standard increments of 30, 60, 90 or 120 inches. Build your washroom around the AER-DEC®, or the AER-DEC® around your existing washroom. The basin can be custom designed to accommodate your specific needs. Basins can be centered or offset based on traffic flow or space restrictions.

Air Delights, Inc. is a National Distributor and Wholesaler of Commercial Restroom Products. For more information on Air Delights, Inc and to browse our product lines give us a call at 1-800-440-5556 or visit our website at
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