Clean Has a New Scent at Air Delights

Air Delights introduces “Blue Wave”

Air freshener and commercial plumbing product distributor, Air Delights, Inc., releases a new scent that is taking over restrooms by storm! After riding in an Uber and smelling a cologne-scented car air freshener, it occurred to owner Steve Bronson that the distinct scent was something his line of air fresheners was needing. Thus, Blue Wave was born. The new scent is the 18th addition to the company’s current line of signature fragrances.

“It is the kind of scent the company would wear to its own celebratory party, I feel”, Bronson goes on to joke since the scent comes about during the company’s 25th year in business. “The scent is that of a subtle cologne that matches the man wearing it — pleasant to be around, not obtrusive, and well-kept.”

The scent was aimed at creating a common scent that was familiar and refreshing. The company’s current customer favorite is the Fresh Linen scent, and they were trying to create a strong runner-up. Looking at what made Fresh Linen so popular, Air Delights conducted a simple survey of just asking their regular customers over the phone. When a case of Fresh Linen air freshener refills was requested, they would casually ask the customer what they liked about the Fresh Linen’s scent. Time and again, the same word was heard — clean.

The new scent goes great in men’s restrooms where odors tend to be a bit more intense. “Urine is the foulest scent a business could have associated with it, especially a restaurant”, Bronson adds. “We were looking for something that would smell more native to a restroom.” Blue Wave mimics a clean smelling man, making a men’s room visit much more pleasant. The scent has also been requested in women’s restrooms at nightclubs and upscale restaurants where cologne is a familiar scent that women love as well.

Blue Wave Air Freshener and Automist Dispenser

To smell what the “new clean” smells like and check out more restroom accessories and commercial plumbing products, contact Air Delights, Inc. online at All Air Delights refills are also made to fit your standard AutoFresh Air Freshener Dispenser, Microburst 3000 or Microburst 9000 fragrance dispensers as well.

About Air Delights, Inc.

Air Delights is one of the largest distributors of air freshening, commercial restroom products, and plumbing valves in the United States. Our mission is to offer our customers the best selection of the highest quality plumbing fixtures and restroom accessories while providing excellent customer service and fast delivery. We believe that customer service is about taking care of the details, so our customers don’t have to.

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