Sensor Commercial Restrooms Play a Role in Healthy Hygiene

Make the Switch to a Sensor Restroom!

Manual to Sensor Flushometer Retrofit Options

Sloan offers the widest variety of easy-to-install retrofit products designed to convert manual flushometers to sensor-activated. Installation is quick and easy, without having to disconnect the flushometer from the stop and fixture. Retrofit kits are available for top-mount, side-mount, and over-the-handle installations. When touch-free is important, Sloan offers solutions for any retrofit application.




BASYS® Faucets – Handwashing
the Way CDC Intended

Sloan’s BASYS® faucets are ideal for healthcare applications where handwashing compliance is a concern. Available in multiple heights, the LCD display on the faucet cover guides users through CDC-recommended handwashing process to promote hand hygiene. Wash time can be programmed according the needs of the application, and with automatic line purge and water-saving touch-free activation, the BASYS healthcare faucet supports any healthcare environment.




Touch-free Soap Dispensers Keep Hands Healthy

There’s more to hand hygiene than following the 20-second handwashing guideline, and at Sloan, our sensor-activated soap dispensers with closed system refills can help. Closed system refills solve several issues associated with bulk or open systems, including locking out germs with a fresh nozzle and factory seal on every cartridge. Our unscented and dye-free soap means healthier hand hygiene is just one wash away for everyone.



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