New Sloan Soap Dispensers

The first “automatic cleaning-liquid dispensing device” was patented in 1989. Since then, architects, designers and engineers of commercial restrooms have struggled with integrating sensor-activated soap dispensers into their designs.

Case in point: How often have you seen a pump bottle of discount store soap sitting next to a defunct, deck-mounted dispenser?

If you design commercial restrooms, it’s not enough to just specify a soap dispenser. You need to choose one that’s functional, durable and—here’s the most challenging part—stylish.

We’re pleased to announce a line of sensor-activated soap dispensers that deliver on all three of those needs. They’re functional and durable because they’re from Sloan. And they’re stylish because they match our most popular faucets.

Experience double vision—Sloan soap dispensers and faucets

Why did it take so long for someone to make this happen?

Anyone who’s selected deck-mounted soap dispensers could tell you that, to fulfill the designer’s vision, the dispenser should match the faucet. Yet until now, no one has offered a complete line of soap dispensers with matching faucets.

Here’s why it’s never been easier to create the exact on-deck experience you need for your unique design vision.

  • Our seven new soap dispensers match seven of our most popular faucet lines, including the BASYS®, Optima® and Sloan® series. You no longer have to settle for a deck-mounted soap dispenser that kinda sorta works with your faucet.
  • You can order soap dispensers and faucets in matching combos that include two GOJO soap refills (more on that below).
  • All Sloan soap dispensers are available hard-wired or battery-powered to match the needs of your next project.
  • Some Sloan soap dispensers are also available with our special finishes—including polished brass, brushed nickel and brushed stainless—in addition to our standard polished chrome finish.
  • All Sloan soap dispensers are made by Sloan, meaning they’re easy to install, easy to maintain and likely to stay in perfect working condition for the working life of your restroom.

Combine a matching soap dispenser-faucet pair with one of our sleek Designer Series™ sinks to put your unique signature on your restroom’s deck. Or specify a state-of-the-art AER-DEC® sink system—with a matching BASYS® faucet, soap dispenser and hand dryer—for a statement-making combination of convenience, performance, hygiene and contemporary style.

Designed for GOJO refills

To make our new line of soap dispensers an even more perfect fit for your next commercial restroom design, we’ve partnered with GOJO Industries—the inventor of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer and the most familiar name in commercial hand soap. Each of our new soap dispensers is engineered for GOJO refills designed exclusively for Sloan.

“GOJO has a rich history of collaboration,” says GOJO chief science officer and vice president Srini Venkatesh, PhD. “We set out to work with like-minded companies to bring innovative, sustainable and industry-leading solutions to the market, and this is representative of our relationship with Sloan.”

Our new soap dispensers come with two 1500ml GOJO refills. You can also reorder refills in either 1500ml or 2300ml sizes.

GOJO soap makes our new sensor-activated soap dispensers as ideal on the inside as they are on the outside. Matched with our leading-edge faucets, our soap dispensers will make your next commercial restroom a double vision of perfection.

Check out our complete line of sensor-activated soap dispenserswith detailed descriptions and faucet combo details. Want to know more? Visit!

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