Say Goodbye to Slippery Floors and Bathroom Odors at Air Delights

Antimicrobial mats don’t just absorb liquid and odors; they fight back

No one likes a public bathroom you can smell before you see.  HOSPECO , a leading manufacturer and seller of cleaning and protection products serving the “away from home” market, introduces Health Gards® antimicrobial mats for the restroom.  These grippy, self-drying floor mats inhibit bacteria from growing and spreading, minimize odor, protect floors and decrease the risk of slipand-fall accidents near urinals, toilets, sinks, and hand dryers.  Health Gards mats protect floors—and patrons—using a uniquely layered design to disperse and dry fluid while eliminating bacteria that cause restroom odors.  The top layer is a tufted, woven blend of antimicrobial polypropylene fiber and velour.  This fiber mat is set upon a Sure Blend natural rubber backing that keeps the mats firmly in place. Where some mats might hold onto the liquid, ballooning with captured urine, Health Gards fights back.  The non-absorbing fibers in Health Gards disperse fluid for quick air drying.  At the same time, active antimicrobials in each fiber attack odor-causing bacteria, breaking it down to eliminate that unwanted bathroom smell. The disposable mats last approximately one month, depending on usage and foot traffic.  They offer an unobtrusive way to provide non-slip surfaces and odor-stopping power in places most likely to be impacted by liquids.  Health Gards come in three sizes: Premium Urinal Mat 17 inches x 20.25 inches, Commode Mat 27 inches x 25 inches, and a Hand Dryer Mat 10.75 inches x 23.5 inches that can be placed under sinks, hand dryers or papertowel dispensers to catch drips.

HOSPECO offers a full line of cleaning and protection products to serve the janitorial, industrial supply,
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