ASI JD MacDonald's newest high-speed hand dryer <strong>TRI-<em style="color: red">Umph</em></strong> puts the <strong>UMPH</strong> in hand drying.


ASI JD MacDonald’s newest high-speed hand dryer puts the UMPH in hand drying.

TRI-Umph hand dryer is a state-of-the-art, ergonomic, high-speed unit. With air blowing down and back from vents on three sides, users dry their hands in 12 seconds, in a comfortable, natural position without water splash-back.

Satin look cover: ABS plastic with silver ions. Ergonomic—no need to bend over or bend knees. Air blows down and back from vents above. No water splash-back. Ultra hygienic—over 99% of airborne bacteria is eliminated with the removable Triple HEPA Filter System. 5-year warranty. Available in Silver and Black.

Optional voltages available:
20200-1 – 110-120V | 20200-2 – 208-240V | 20200-3 – 277V


TRI-Umph over germs

  • Ultra hygienic – Over 99% of airborne bacteria and particles as small as 0.3 microns are eliminated with the removable Super Filter System:
    • First Layer: HEPA filter
    • Second Layer: Carbon filter
    • Third Layer: Anti-microbial filter
  • Anti-microbial silver ion treatment added to the ABS cover provides an additional layer of germ protection

TRI-Umph over time

  • Fast drying time – about 12 seconds – with air from vents on three sides
  • Easy to maintain
    • Super Filter System is easy to clean and replace when needed
    • The narrow design of the top half of the dryer allows the unit and the back wall to be easily cleaned

TRI-Umph with ergonomics

  • No need to bend over or bend knees
  • Dry hands in the same natural position that they were washed

TRI-Umph over water

  • Water from hands is pushed backwards onto absorbent ceramic plate
  • Water not absorbed by ceramic plate is channeled into a drip tray … not the floor

TRI-Umph over vandalism

  • Dryer can only be dismounted using a dual-step security system that ensures vandal resistance
  • Reinforcement base plate is secured to the back of the unit

TRI-Umph with more choices

  • Use dryer with heater on or off (internal on/ off switch)
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Available in 110/120V, 208/240V and 277V


How it works…

  • User puts hand horizontally into unit
  • User can rub hands if so desired
  • Air blows out automatically from three sides, drying hands in about 12 seconds
  • Water is atomized and pushed down towards the absorbent ceramic plate behind the opening

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